Thursday, April 02, 2009

Looking Back

It Seems Ages Ago

I just looked back to when I began this blog, in 2006. Back then, I still had my PJ. Reading about him brought tears to my eyes, as I recalled the little things about him that made him so dear. He was one of those wise and kind horses who seemed to really understand the world.

Toby, now 19, has a wisdom about him, but it's just not the same. I never can quite put my finger on the difference, but PJ had an introspective seriousness about him I haven't really seen in any other horses I've owned. My Russell R. was much more of a partner and the two of us depended on each other. I always felt PJ didn't really need me, but he loved me anyhow. There was just this sense that he could always find a way to take care of himself.

Toby, I think, is a bit of a con. Often, when I go out to catch him, he will run---well, walk away. But he always stays just out of reach and I think he rather enjoys the game of "catch me if you can," as a way, perhaps of getting the upper hand. He is definitely the herd boss, so he has his own self-confidence, but he is also a spooker when I ride him. And things genuinely scare him to the point that I worry he might actually to something dangerous in his spooks.

Tucker, on the other hand, is a bad actor. He has an arrogance that constantly challenges me. At the same time, he is quite affectionate and will often just come to "hang out" with me if I am working out there. But he is always looking for an angle to see if he can get something for himself. He is sensitive, extremely intelligent and works hard to make me understand what he has to say.

Chance has no hang ups at all, except an occasional overreaction to something new. He is constantly looking for something to entertain himself, and really enjoys "helping" me with the chores whenever he can. This includes carting off the tools or tipping the wheelbarrow. At times, I think the spirit of Russell R, who was a real comedian, lurks at his shoulder, prodding him on. He truly seems to enjoy life and is quite happy to go adventuring.

As you can tell, I didn't ride again. Once more, I was simply too tired despite the lovely weather. I'm putting it off until the weekend, and then, a few more days of school and the Easter break.

I'll get out of the doldrums eventually. For now, just thinking about my amazing horses' personalities seems to be enough.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I'm always delighted with how each horse has such a distinct personality; they are such individuals. I often think about several wonderful horses from my past. Their differences explain a lot about how important it is to find a way to work with each horse in a a way that works for that horse - I expect it's much the same with teaching people.

  2. I enjoyed your post about the variety of horse personalities you have in your life, past and present.
    Switch subject-Are you paying enough attention to yourself? Headaches and tiredness etc. Check your furnace for carbon monoxide leaks.
    Hope you get your bounce back soon.

  3. Ah Chance sound like Ali..its so refreshing to have a horse with no hang-ups although I wouldnt change Polo for the world..well I might alter a few things given the chance:)))

  4. post winter blues, jean? doing too much?

  5. Sounds like we've both known a lot of horses over the years. I am always amazed at how each one had a different personality.
    PJ sounds like a wonderful horse. I love all my horses but miss my Erik more than any other, he was the 'one' that only comes along once in a lifetime if we're lucky. We'll never forget them.