Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boy, Was I Sore

Too Much Sawing

Had to get adjusted yet again this morning. My shoulders and upper back were really sore from the tree removal. Something you don't always notice when you are working, but the next morning....whew.

Came home, put some heat on, then, eventually went to the feed store to pick up grain. I also ordered some higher fat pellets to switch over to. In particular, Toby needs more fat and it will also help with Tucker as I can cut back on his grain and lower the sugar. Chance is fine.

Bought some pizza on the way home and had a nibble before going out to the Boys.

I was a nice warm sunny day again. I worked Tucker on a fake dressage test in the arena for perhaps 20 minutes or so after I warmed up. We did 10m circles at trot and canter, half pass at trot and canter, shoulder in, walk on a long rein, halt, reinback, "mock" canter pirouettes (kind of a little turn on the haunches in canter), and a little canter and trot lengthenings. He was on the bit and not on the bit, but that was OK. The only real bad moment came in the halt to reinback when he braced against the bit with his nose out. I worked it a few more times at then end and can see we need to work a little more on the reinback as he tends to take an irregular step now and then which makes him toss his head a little. It will sort out quickly with some practice exercises.

I took him on his trail for a nice hack afterwards and again, he was just perfect.

Toby and I went out for a bit longer hack and he too was great. We only walked, but it was so nice and relaxing I enjoyed every stride. The only big disappointment was that there was evidence of a bonfire at the end of the woods trail by the edge of the field. Not such an issue except that whoever had been out there left all kinds of trash behind including a styrofoam cooler, plastic cups and other junk. Why to people think it's OK to litter the woodlands?

I saddled up Chance next and headed out. He kept pulling me towards the ridge trail above the lake out back. Since I hadn't yet gone out to clean up the terrifying bag and its trash yet, we took the upper trail where I had already carted out the white plastic chair. So that made the trail just fine and we took the longer way home, past the bonfire. When Chance saw the cooler, he stopped. I decided to get off and clean up the mess. I had been planning on going back out after I'd finished riding to clean it up anyhow, so this way, Chance had already carried me out there and all I had to do was lead him back home, saving myself an extra hike out later.

I let him stop at the horrible mound of dirt for a nice graze on the grass growing all over it and then headed back to the barn to get rid of the cooler and plastic stuff. I unloaded a few bags of grain and here I am, blogging.

This weather is addictive, but going away by Monday. Tomorrow it's cooling off a bit with some rain and then Monday it will be back in the 40's, chilly and rainy.

At least most of my vacation has had some nice weather.


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Sounds like you had an excellent day with your boys - be sure to let us know when your birthday is, so we can congratulate you!

  2. Great weather and great horses, sounds like an almost perfect day. Wish the ones who leave trash would learn to take it with them though. Hope your neck feels better soon.

  3. Some people!! It really makes me mad when people do that!
    Sounds like a great day around.I know what you mean we have eventually had some nice weather today and I just want to bask in it and be outside. Its been like winter again all week so today was bliss.

  4. garden activity always leads to seized up muscles....i will suffer tomorrow!