Sunday, March 01, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

So The Hay is In the Barn

I carted three bales of hay into the barn aisle so I don't have to cart it across the yard in the snow. "Snow," you say? Ah, yes. A storm is coming. The latest revised forecast calls for 8"-12
" with wind enough to make drifts. Either estimate is just too much for me. Shovel is on the back porch and tractor is at the ready under the barn roof with a waterproof cover over the seat.

My neck was bothering me again today and I had a bit of a headache again. It's been quite a while since I've had a problem, so I can't complain too much but it did put a damper on any thoughts of riding. I know I'll regret this one as the footing was just fine and the snow is going to ruin everything for days. But I just didn't feel up to it.

The Boys spent the bulk of the day out in the pasture nibbling. I guess as the sun had warmed the ground little shoots of new grass must be pushing up. Hopeful signs of spring soon to be buried under more of the miserable white stuff. I should actually put down some new grass seed and close the pasture off for a month or so, hoping it will grow. The pasture really does need a thorough rennovation, but without enough land to really rotate, that's kind of a problem. Besides, I actually don't want the Boys to have too much lush grazing as it seems to have the potential for laminitis in so many horses. I figure both Chance and Tucker would be candidates, so perhaps the sparse growth is better all around. It just means I need to feed hay all year long.

I poo picked the arena again so I won't have manure under the snow cover and I put some fence rails back in place. Spring is going to mean another fence repair, and I may have to bolt or screw some split fence posts back together to avoid having to replace them--a rather tedious job. It's interior fencing between the paddock and the arena, so not as crucial as exterior posts.

In winter, the list of "things to do" just keeps growing longer. Both run in sheds by the barn need cleaning--a job impossible to do when things are frozen--and, of course, all my winter blankets/sheets need repair, cleaning, or an honorable death/discard. I've already spoken to my hay man about pulling the mats from the stalls and releveling the floors under them, so that should get done eventually since the mats are just too darn heavy for me to lift. I think the list will grow over the next few weeks.

The clocks go ahead one hour next weekend, always a positive as far as I'm concerned. Coming home from school with the sun up in the sky is always encouraging. All I need is for the weather to cooperate.

But not tonight. *sigh*

Quick addendum: Looked at the weather forecast on the Internet. They set it up for 15 minute intervals. I had looked outside a bit before 8 PM and no snow. The forecast predicted snow starting between 8 PM and 8:30 PM, with definite snow at 8:15. It is now 8:10 and it is snowing. The accuracy of these forecasts is simply amazing to me.


  1. You're in the same boat we are, can't wait to get another foot of snow with drifts. I think we all must do the same things to get in gear for the storms - hay, feed, tractor at the ready.
    It seems there is never enough time to get everything done around the barns and sheds. We need to reseed this year too and we always put grazing muzzles on to keep their intake of pasture down.
    As for the clocks jumping ahead. I can't wait for that, being in the dark in the morning and evenings is depressing.

  2. Good luck with the snow - we were spared that but it's been horribly cold for several days. But soon it'll be warm and we can get to all those repairs that have been accumulating over the winter!

  3. our clocks go forward the last weekend in march, and back the last weekend in october.

    but i've got daylight in the morning when i get up, and of course have the luxury ofbeing able to go to the yard and get done before dark in the evening (it was 18.10 and still just light tonight when i left)

    the one advantage of not having my own yard is not having to mend fences - but i've got my allotment and garden to do, LOL