Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yep, It Rained

What Can I Say?

Weather as expected, but actually we needed it. When I can ride around the lake out back without going through water--except just past the evil trash bag--then I know it's been dry!

I used to like that trail, but the mini-bikes and ATV's have ruined it. They raced around on the dirt road around the lake during the wet and made deep ruts. Even Tuesday, when the ruts were dry, the footing was tricky. I used to be able to trot in places. No more. My horse would twist an ankle. Such a shame, as the lake itself is quite pretty.

There are also several places in the woods where they have ruined the trails as well and made swampy rutted places where the water collects. Then, once they make a section impassable, they carve a "go around" track which also eventually turns into a rutted mess. It is illegal for them to be riding in the State Park, but without any kind of police presence to enforce the rules, no one can stop them--and I'm not about to try as I would then worry about my horses' safety.

The Boys were standing out in the rain when I got home. While they did have their rainsheets on, heads, ears and necks were getting wet and water was dripping off their chins. Mind you there is the run in shed in the arena, two run in roofs attached to the barn, and all three stalls are open for free access. Yet there they were, heads down, looking soggy and none too comfortable from my perspective.

They came in eagerly for dinner and later, as I left for choir, I noticed they were hanging out under the west side run in roof. Perhaps having dinner inside convinced them that shelter actually felt better than standing out in the elements???

It is supposed to go up into the 60's tomorrow. I just hope it feels nice enough in the morning when I feed that I will be content to take off their sheets for the day. I don't want them overheating while I am stuck at school.

If so, I anticipate muddy messes when I get home. I can't imagine they won't roll.

Ah, the joys of spring!!


  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Ah, yes, spring! The blanketing question - too warm, too hot, just right, is always a challenge this time of year. Sorry about the ATVs - I don't understand why one would want to be out in nature while destroying it at the same time. We don't have too much trouble with ATVs here, just illegal snowmobiles in the winter.

  2. my view has always been that once the rugs are off, they are off (which means that molly is rugless after our warm spell the other week, and proving that she possibly didn't need one in the first place?)

  3. It's always musical blankets around here too. Never know what the weather will do.
    What a shame about the trails, I wonder if a bunch of local barns got together and sort of petitioned the parks depts. to enforce the laws and keep the trail system in good use if it would help.