Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleepytime Gal

A Nap in Time Saves Nine

Well, I've said it all. Came home, fed the Boys, lay down for a bit and....woke up again after midnight. Just in time to feed the Boys again.

Had a student teacher observing my classes all day. She is a former student who hopes to become a history teacher and part of her education classes requires observing master teachers. She has been coming in to watch a history teacher, but he was out today, so she was with me instead. She said my classes restored her faith in education. I know the history teacher has a horrible schedule this year and has been totally frustrated with the students he has, so I guess my classes are a breath of fresh air.

I do expect them to behave in class, listen, respect each other, and of course, do their work. I know this sounds rather simple if most of you remember your days in school, but discipline has proven to be a difficult concept in our school lately. My classes, apparently are the exception, rather than the rule. It does take a lot of energy on my part to keep them focused, but long years of experience have given me a lot of tactics. Trouble is, the general trend I see in education today seems to be going in the wrong direction as far as all that goes. It is one small part of why I have decided it's time to retire. I just don't have the patience for the nonsense and don't want to become a bad teacher because I've lost the will to do it right.

My coming home exhausted like this is just one symptom.

The Boys were sheetless all day, and I left the sheets off tonight as well. It has stayed moderately warm out there, but the forecast is calling for rain again Saturday and Sunday. If so, the sheets go back on. It looked as if Chance was working on his own shedding techniques. There is a tree in the paddock with some low branches. He was under it when I got home, and from the looks of him, he was using it to groom off his loose hair. Clever boy. He is one of those horses with good common sense and, as I've said before, a good sense of himself.

On the other hand, Toby and Tucker were grooming each other, standing side to side in the front paddock. When I pulled in with the car, I startled them for a moment, but they went right back to the mutual grooming after they settled again.

Gee, at this rate, I won't need my shedding blade at all. *lol*


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    The fur is flying for sure! I can tell where the horses have rolled in the dry lots - depressions lined with hair! Lily's, being white, is particularly noticeable.

    It is good that you are able to show the way to younger teachers. Being a teacher is a challenge in any environment, but I agree that today's climate is harder. Keep up the good work!

  2. Being French I am very proud of our Frecnh National Education System, whom IMO is one of the best in the world (note not the Uni!). It is really non non-sense, and hard work.

    But my son is in an Anglo-saxon school, yes it is more creative, but there are so many New Age airy Fairy B***S*****. Gosh Jean you won't believe it.

    It is a bit alarming!

    I bet your "old" style of teaching is disappearing. But I think you really are a "teacher" in the soul. That is what makes you such a great horse-trainer too ^-^

  3. Fact is, Muriel, I am offended when students do not pay attention to their course work. I cannot simply "not care" as some teachers seem to do when they have problems with kids.

    My 4th period class on Friday was noisy and riled up, BUT they were all involved in singing their songs to the class. The noisy kids were clapping along or adding accompaniment sounds. It was out of control education, but it was education. They were having a good time.

    My main role was to quiet them down before each performer started and to try to set the right tone to encourage the shy kids to actually get up in front of the room and perform. Every single one of them did!!