Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chiropractor and Good Friends

Pretty Nice Day With a Storm on the Way

And missed opportunity to ride, I suppose. But again it would have just been for today as there is a winter storm coming in tomorrow. I'm not keen on riding after I have been to the chiropractor anyhow, but even that is not a legitimate excuse. I simply did not feel like bothering. I think the winter has worn me down.

But that's OK. I told myself several months ago that I was not going to try to keep the Boys in training this winter. They do not seem to be worrying about it. When I went out to feed dinner they were out in the pasture nibbling whatever little slivers of grass are left there. And Tucker was a bit damp under his sheet so I'm guessing he was exercising himself. There is a lot of play going on out there. This morning it was Toby and Tucker. Other times, it's Chance and Tucker.

And, oh, yes, the blue plastic barrel that was in the arena is now out in that pasture. I don't think it blew there.

I met my good friends Shelley and George for and early lunch and we spent some good quality time together. We used to run the community theatre out of the school together, so we are very close buddies with a great deal in common. It was a great way to spend the early afternoon.

We too discussed the cell phones as Shelley is now an administrator in a North Jersey school system. They are very academically oriented up there and have all the same kinds of problems we do in our more "career" oriented school. Kids don't do their homework and yes, the cell phones keep cropping up.

To answer Claire, cell phones (mobile phones) are not allowed in our school either, but that does not stop the kids. Someone the other day said that kids think this way, "It's not wrong if you don't get caught." So if they can get away with it, they will and they have no real grounding in the concept that it's wrong to break the rules.

Which worries me for the State testing this coming week. The State is very strict about rules including a ban on cell phones and any kind of electronic devices. In the past we have had kids lose their tests because of phones in the testing room, despite all our efforts to collect them before the test and very strict warnings. I have had two violations in my testing room over the years--one when I was not in charge, but still. I honestly do not think these students comprehend the seriousness of these rules.

You know, I think my horses follow the rules better. Of course, they don't use cell phones, but they do grasp the meaning of "NO."


  1. i don't suppose it's any different over here. with children, you have to set boundaries and ensure they are adhered to .. no different than with our horses, i guess. and that starts in the home, not at can't put it right by the time they get to you.

  2. Pity there isnt somesort of scrambling device that could be set up in the classrooms.It amazes me how 'no' seems to be such a forbidden word!Although our college is for special needs students the emphasis of choice has gone to the extreme and its getting impossible to do my job,common sense has gone out of the window IMO!(rant over)