Saturday, March 07, 2009

For One And All

A Special Post

(In Honor of the Boys who are now naked and just finishing breakfast before the frolic and predicted mudbaths.)

This poem, in a slightly different version was published in a national horse magazine some years ago. This is rewrite as I didn't bother looking for the original. Thus, I can readily say, it's mostly brand new!! *G*

The first and foremost sign of Spring
Is really just a simple thing.
It’s not the melting icy spears
Dripping Winter’s farewell tears,
Nor green tipped fingers on the trees
Playing in a softened breeze.
It’s not the crocus in the lane,
Petals drinking in the rain,
Nor Robin Redbreast’s crimson blush—
It’s globs of horsehair on the brush.
c. 2009. Jean E. Dvorak

Speaking of which, I just came in after some poo picking. I took the shedding blade out to the Boys who were scattered about the paddocks. Tucker stood like a pro. Toby took off at first with his usual suspicion that perhaps I was going to ride him. So I started shedding Chance. At that Toby came over for his session. Of all three he was shedding the most, in big piles of hair. I alternated between him and Chance.

Then I headed for the barn. Chance bopped along right at my elbow, kind of nudging the arm that held the shedding blade. He was quite delighted when I stopped twice along the way to give him some more scratches.

I thought he did a fine job of communicating.
It is nearing 70F. I am off shortly to watch my friend's lesson. More later.


  1. Great poem ^-^

    What is a shedding blade? Most of horses are clipped so not much shedding!

  2. i love my shedding blad at this time of year - hadn't heard of them until i met caroline a few years ago (thanks for that tip) and now wouldn't be without!

    it's a long flexible metal blade, muriel, serrated very finely on one side and flat on the other, the serrated side is magic for getting winter coat off in huge quantity.

    Mine's clipped too - but not a full clip, only neck and belly

    and that poem is great, jean! so true!

  3. Tetley does that too, just a nudge on my elbow as we are walking along, nothing rude or insistent. It's a sweet way of communicating and I love it.

  4. Great poem, love it!
    I didn't even try to get them all in for a grooming/shedding, they were so happy out there in the sun and warmth, I let them be. For now...