Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

Run, Run, Run

I managed to get myself out to the barn to hook up the drag. The tractor, as often, had a flat tire in front, so I first had to reinflate that. It's s slow leak, but kind of annoying.

Then I took the drag out to the arena. As I was dragging the surface, all three Boys decided to join me. This meant galloping into the arena, passing the tractor at top speed, then going to stand somewhere that I hadn't groomed yet. Then, when the tractor headed towards them, off they went again at a mad gallop to a new spot. I keep my eye on them to make sure no one comes in too close and I do have to watch Tucker as once in a while he tries to chase the drag. But, they were pretty good.

Once I'd finished the arena, I went out to the pasture to drag it a little to break up the old piles of manure and to loosen the surface a little for some grass seed. I did the same in part of the paddock area then took the tractor back out and put it away.

I took the hand seed spreader, filled it with pasture mix and headed back out to the pasture. Chance and Tucker thought there simply had to be something tasty in the bucket I was carrying, so I had to fend them off. Once out there, I discovered that the crank handle was simply not working so the only way to spread the seed was by the handful. I sowed a section of near the far fence and called it a night. I will either have to use the spreader I pull behind the garden tractor or else get a new hand spreader if I am going to do more.

Once done with that, I decided to play "chase" with the Boys. I got the lunge whip, closed them in the arena, and set them to running. It wasn't exactly free lunging, but Tucker and Chance really did some trotting, galloping, and bucking, having a grand time. Toby joined in but when he went off to stand at the far end, I just let him be.

After about 15 minutes of silly exercise, Tucker ducked into the run in shed and stood there, looking at me. He was so cute, almost as if he was taking his own "time out," that I decided we'd done enough. He came over to me for a scratch and then Chance joined in for a cuddle too.

When I mentioned that I was going to go back into the house to get some carrots, all three of them went into their own stalls and I came back out to give them the treats in their feed tubs.

It wasn't exactly a formal schooling, but everyone, I included, got a little exercise for the evening.

Sometimes it's just fun to play a little.


  1. Sounds like fun! I play Jolly Ball soccer with the mares sometimes - that's fun too - they snort and prance and gallop and buck. We aren't able to seed our dry lots yet - too much mud and snow. But soon, I hope - if spring ever comes.

  2. We've been dragging the arenas and paddocks too. And have to reseed within the next week or two also. It's a lot of work, but it's good to at least be able to do something for a change and it's good to get outside.
    Glad you all had some quality play time.

  3. that was a lot of hard work, jean! hope your knees survive it.

    i'm terrified of harrows near horses (and vice versa) i have to say, can you not gate them out whilst you sort the arena? (sorry to be "teaching granny to suck eggs" so to speak .. )

  4. Sounds like great fun. It's nice of you to entertain them. We all need to play sometimes and it's a great way to learn more about their personalities and perhaps their talent for the higher movements!

  5. Thats the only draw back having horses at home you have to do all the work although I cant say i'd mind playing tractor's,I like stuff like that!
    Sounds like you all had a whale of a time:)