Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tired Out

Need to Reset the Sleep Clock

I fell asleep on the couch last night and finally went to bed after 3 AM, after feeding the Boys their midnight snack--a late midnight snack. When I got back in the house I wasn't sleepy so I sat up for an hour or so to relax again.

I am on the brink of crash tonight, and even though I had fully intended to ride or at least exercise someone, I surrendered and here I am, blogging myself into an unconsious state. And, to top it off, my knees are still sore from yesterday. I did walk around the school a bit too much today as well, so I am not in top physical form.
I will probably regret it, as tomorrow rain is predicted. I don't think the Boys minded at all. They seem to find enough to keep themselves busy. They still had hay left over from this morning as well, so I didn't feel too guilty leaving them to their own devices.

My friend Bill brought over a new rack for my garbage cans. So for now, the rack is black metal. It is firmly fixed to the ground. Bill also put a layer of gravel under it. It really is lovely. I took some pictures in the daylight, but now I am having an issue with my camera's connection to the computer. So I just went out--now it's dark--and used my old camera to get a shot, just so you can get an idea of what the rack is like.

I will try to get a picture in the daylight so you can really appreciate it. The yellow can is for the bottles and cans. The other one is garbage and I have a blue box for paper recycling. The whitish lines you see in the background are my mailbox post and, horizontally, the stripe along the road. You can see the gray gravel bed Bill put down.

Bill is a great guy. He is one of my associates in the efforts to safe the farm across the woods and in the various battles against warehouse development and the flooding in the Park. He has a wonderful family with two now college age sons who are real gentlemen and have helped me out a number of times with fence repair and unloading hay or grain. I usually pay them, but they would help for free if need be. Bill used to be a teacher at a local high school and his wife still teaches in the area. They are good friends with my cousins whose mother (my Aunt) lives next door and Bill went to school with them. (I think they are all about a generation younger than I am.)

I felt kind of guilty about the can rack/bin/corral as Bill was making it for himself, but when the other one was stolen, he made it for me instead because I have been having a terrible problem with my cans blowing onto the road. My mailbox area seems to have some kind of wind tunnel effect. I did, however, give him an electric water fountain for his cats. He has two adorable brother kitties who love drinking from the running water in the sinks. If my cats are any indication his kitties will love it. I bought it for my back room kitty who passed away at the end of the summer, but I'd never set it up, so it was brand new. So at least I was able to give a little back.

The drama teacher at school--preparing to open A Midsummer Night's Dream at the end of next week--would really like me to spend some time with her at rehearsals attempting to keep her sane. I used to be the producer of the community theater Shelley and I ran at the school and am fairly well practiced at acting as a calming force and trouble shooter to the director. Apparently Maria (this teacher) really appreciated my company during the preparations for my driving play, so I guess I will go in to see what I can do to help. Maria is a very talented, experienced professional theater person and a typical artistic perfectionist, so anything I can do to remind her that after all these are students running the show in a school--not pros on Broadway--will help. And besides, I make sure she eats, drinks, and just has someone to make reasonable suggestions when things just don't quite work to perfection.

Her students are, as I've said before, marvelously trained actors, head and shoulders above what anyone would ever expect from teenagers. The set is brilliant--a highway underpass, and the concept with street people and sort of "punk" fairies zooming around on rollerblades and skateboards is just perfect for an upbeat, original and entertaining version of Shakespeare.

Speaking of which, I realized that nearly all of the Bard's plays, except perhaps for some of the histories, work perfectly well in almost any time period or setting.

I digress. Anyhow, if I do go in to help out, I'll be cutting into the riding opportunities again. Still, until my play is back up in May, it will only be for part of a week.

Ah, to be in theatre again.....

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  1. that's why shakespeare is timeless

    did you start on that BBC series you've got to watch yet?