Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nothing Much To Report

Monday Off

Folllowing tradition, and the usual being tired after a Monday at school, I did not ride. I must admit the Boys did seem a bit surprised to see me home, and then I realized with the time switch to Daylight Savings Time, I was a hour early in their eyes.

That did not stop them from being ready for dinner, though. Tucker was quite adorable as he watched me head for the feed room. There was just something in his eyes and expression speaking volumes. "Feed me."

As it turned out, the choice of sheets I'd made last night was a good one. It never did get very warm, staying in the 40'sF, and with the rain, I think it felt colder. From all accounts I can leave the rainsheets on all week--if they survive that long.

Tucker's "Hug," a sturdy, well made nylon waterproof sheet now has a big right angle tear right on his right hind haunch. I didn't do anything about it tonight as I didn't discover it until late night snack time so it was too late to do a repair. I can sew it back together if no more damage is done, but it's one more in a growing list of damaged "jacket" out there. "Somebody" is having a good time playing tug o war with the outfits.

I have a large pile of damaged sheets and blankets on the floor of the barn to sort through. I have a nice little sewing machine that so far seems capable of repair work, and I've sewn a few sheets back together already, but what I really need to do is sit down and decide just what can be rescued and what should be tossed. Over the the 38 years I have owned my own horses, I have managed to gather quite a collection of gear and horse clothing. However, since Chance arrived, I seem to have gone through far more shredding episodes than in all those years.

Now, I can't entirely blame Chance, because the sheets and blankets he wears get ripped too, so he doesn't do all the damage on his own. I think I just have a particularly rambunctious little herd of Boys out there, kind of like a demolition derby on the hoof. Add to that about a half dozen spots on my interior fencing where I need to replace or repair fence posts, the blue barrels rolled all over the place, the tree branches dragged about, the garden hose carted off, and the plastic netting intended to protect some of the tree trunks turning up in all kinds of places and you'd think I'd been invaded by mischievous gremlins.

I will have plenty of work/cleanup to do in my spare time over the next few months as the weather warms. Trouble is, if the "past is prologue," as Shakespeare said, it will be all for naught and I will just have to do it over again in a few more months...and a few more months....and...etc.

Nothing quite like owning playful geldings. Just think one ton puppies.

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  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    It's like doing dishes - the work never stops! I think my blankets are going to make it through the winter intact (crossed fingers) - my mares aren't too bad about tearing things (except for one broken buckle on a surcingle), nobody bothers Noble and Norman is out by himself. I didn't ride yesterday either - it started out nice but then the wind picked up and the temperature dropped - and more rain today.