Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pain in the Neck

It's Been A While

Well, I was at the chiropractor again this morning. My neck was out again and I was on the brink of a bad headache. Fortunately I never got the headache, but my neck is really bothering me.

Yesterday it was upper cervical and today it was lower cervical. Now everything it just sore. I am sitting here with ice on my neck and heat on my head....which I alternate. I will sit in my traction thingie too, hoping to help the alignment.

I haven't had an issue like this in months, so that's good, but the weather was lovely and I simply could not go out to do anything with the Boys except feed them. Not that they care. *lol*

No rehearsal tonight, no place to go, so I can relax and see if I can get rid of the rest of this neckache. Don't know what triggered it, but I'm doing all I can to get it set right.

And that means, no horsing around.


  1. Well, it will be good for you to just take it easy and relax for a night. Feel better.

  2. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Glad you can take the night off - hope you feel better!

  3. I hope you get better soon. I am glad you have avoided the terrible migraine.

    Take it easy.

  4. oh dear. i so know how you feel (without the headaches!). mine went today - poor ergonomics on the training course, they had to get me another chair! but i don't have such easy access to a chiro...