Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three Diffferent Approaches

Lovely Day and Feeling Better

Took me all night, and part of today, but I think my neck is finally better.

It was around 60F when I got home so I took the Boys' sheets off. It was cold when I left in the morning--in the 30's. Tuck and Toby were a little sweaty, but Chance was fine. Fed, let them digest then went back out.

Toby was in the arena, saw me coming, headed out to the pasture but stopped just by the gate. I'm pretty sure his "catch me if you can" is really just a game. He kept a wary eye on me, then came over for a treat and willingly let me put the rope on to take him in. After a good shedding grooming, we went out for a nice hack. He chose the slightly longer, middle trail himself, so I guess he was pretty happy to be out.

Tucker was at the barn when we got back, ready, willing and able to stick his head into his halter. I saddled him up and schooled in the arena. I spent the ride doing one quick exercise after another. Trots to half passes, figure eights, canter, trot, canter, over the pole with a trot or whatever lead change, halt, reinback, trot, canter....just all kinds of things to keep him thinking and wanting to "Go!" He gave me some nice work with only one bit of confusing protest--nothing big. The best part was how he really tried to figure out the half passes tonight. I could feel him thinking it through.

Because time was growing a bit short--rehearsal tonight--I lunged Chance. My goal with him is to get him fit so he really can do some real work. His gaits have really improved and his canter is getting nicer each time I watch him go. He has also become very obedient on the lunge, so that too is a huge improvement. He is just a nice horse, that's all there is to it.

So, three worked in three different styles. Kind of keeps me interested too. Maybe I should make a habit of mixing it up like this all the time.

Might rain tomorrow. Might not. Guess it's the typical, wait and see.

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  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Sounds like a nice day - glad your neck is feeling better. I tried some of your suggestions with Noble, including massaging his neck and shoulders, looking for knots and tension, and sure enough, he was very cramped at the base of his neck right above his shoulder on the right side. I massaged and kneaded, and he seemed to appreciate it. He seemed to be walking a bit better afterwards. Thanks for your suggestions!