Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nothing To Report

More of the Same

Which means, cold, snow, winter. On a positive note, I did see that the snow was starting to melt in the arena on the sunny side.

The Boys seem to be taking it all just fine. I didn't see anyone playing today, but I got home rather late after school as I had a meeting that lasted until 5 PM. Then I needed to pick up something at the supermarket, which made me even later.

Toby and Tucker were out in the paddock, pawing through the snow for the hay scraps buried under it. Since they still had some hay in their stalls I would guess this was as much for entertainment as for eating. Then again, some of the hay I'd given them came from a "thick bladed grass" bale. I'm not sure they like it as much as the finer grasses in some of the other bales.

Needless to say, I simply fed them, and came back inside for a quick dinner. Quick because I had an appointment to take Reggie, my black kitty to the vet for his final NAET treatment. This is the allergy elmination sessions he's been having to get him over licking off his fur.

Tonight we were down to what seems to be the last thing he is allergic to--canned fish cat food, salmon and whitefish. The good thing was that he was treated and no longer reacts to the dry cat foods I'd been using. And, apparently, he does not seem to have allergies to anything else.

The treatments have made a tremendous difference in him and he is actually growing the fur back on his belly which he had licked until it was bald. Now all I see him doing is the normal kind of grooming most cats do. He was pretty obsessive before so this is an incredible and positive change.

I met a fellow horseman at the vet so we had a nice horse chat, and I also had a nice conversation with woman who was there with her border collie mix. Thus, in addition to being happy about Reggie's success, I had quite a pleasant evening out.

Far better than a day of testing at school....far more be said.


  1. What pleasures we glean from interactions with like-minded humans. It's always nice to know that we are not alone out there.

  2. Interesting and impressive results with Reggie!

    Nice evening chatting with animals lovers. I wish I had more of these ...