Monday, July 07, 2008

Stiff Neck, Heat, Humidity and a Rainstorm

Above is a picture of someone in a tube. This is a big vinyl "doughnut" thing you float in. More below. (Pic is for Caroline)

That About Sums Up the Day

Needed a chiropractic adjustment this morning...well, at noon, so I headed out to the feed store to get alfalfa cubes first. Might as well unload them BEFORE my back was adjusted.

Morning gone, I headed for the chiropractor, got my adjustment then went to the supermarket to get some things on sale for a good price. On the way home, I passed the pizza place that was having and anniversary 50% off everything sale. So I stopped there to get some pizza for lunch and a sub sandwich for dinner. They were crazy busy, so that took a bit of time. I had my swim gear with me but decided perhaps I wait until later to swim.

When I got home, the sun had come out and it was HOT! And miserable. So I hung out in the house and worked on the script I am writing for a safe driving campaign the school is going to develop for next year. I have about 5 pages written so far and need perhaps 20 or so. I have most of my ideas already, so it's just a matter of developing them dramatically. It's kind of a "voices from the grave" kind of thing, with the teenage victims of accidents telling their stories. The school of performing arts will do the acting and producing. Once I get the basic script done, I'll send it to the teacher for her input and go from there. I've written a good number of plays/musicals that have been performed so I am not working in a vacuum here, but I do want this one to be good.

Afternoon passed quickly to feeding time. I gave the Boys alfalfa cubes with dinner so they should be happy, and then came back inside to wait until sundown in case it cooled off. I also thought about a trip to the swim club but...well, the rest of the title says it all. They skies have opened up and we are having a drenching rain.
In the meantime, I have found a picture of the swim club on a VERY busy day showing the tubes on Cozy River. You simply sit in one of them and the water carries you along at about 2 miles an hour around a big loop circling the park. It is very relaxing. It's not quite this crowded when I go, so there is more room to swim and enjoy myself.

I never got there today because of the rainstorm. I am not sure they stayed open. I hate driving over only to find the pool closed.

Instead, once the rain stopped, I went out to do the Monday lunging. I decided to just work Toby and Tucker since I am not sure the lunging really does much to advance Chance's training at this point. I could long line him, which would help, but it was kind of icky out there and still so humid that everything was damp. I just couldn't bring myself to do the extra work rigging up the long lines would require. Lazy me.

Both Tobester and Tucker went well, but Tucker still has that bad habit of cross cantering when I lunge or long line him. I never feel it under saddle, but it happens almost everytime I do line work with him. I am making a bigger point of correcting it, and "growling" at him when he does it. Tonight, he did it on both leads, so it's not just a strength issue related to the right lead. I have no idea why he does it, but he kind of skips in the hind end and swaps leads. Should be proof that the flying change will be easy for him! *lol* Still, how uncomfortable must it be to be cantering on the true lead in front and the counter lead behind??? I simply cannot fathom why he does it.

Both boys had a nice workout and a tasty carrot. Well, Chance had a carrot too, so he was definitely not ignored.

More heat to come tomorrow and the next day and....I don't want to talk about it. *sigh*


  1. hot hot hot here, but not too yucky i.e. humidity is down. Yesterday we had lots of wind too.

    I do not know about cross-firing on both leads. That is bizarre, because as you say it must be uncomfortable. I will ask Roberta about it ^-^

  2. I see - I would LOVE that water park!