Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More of Same

Supposedly It's Going to Break Tonight

I am still awaiting the thunderstorms that are supposed to bring some relief to this miserable heat and humidity, but so far--9 PM, no luck.

Meantime, all I can to is report more of the same. I think the pool is 25 meters, so today I swam 20 lengths.

Drove over to the Chinese restaurant hoping to get some take out, but they were closed. So I went to the market and got some stuff to make my own hamburger stuff. Found a kit for making your own Chinese cashew chicken, so I bought that too. I didn't try it yet. But, in the meantime, I made a pot of French onion soup using Vidalia onions.

For those unfamiliar with the Vidalia, it is a seasonal onion originally grown in Georgia, USA. They are incredibly sweet. I must say, even though it is summer, and a nice big pot of soup does sound a bit strange, it was delicious. I will have quick meals for several days. Yummy.

Chance was in the aisle of the barn when I went out to feed dinner. I had accidently left Toby's inside stall door open. Since it was Toby's stall, and he was probably in it for the bulk of the day--avoiding both the heat and the bugs--I suspect it took a long time before Chance managed to get through. The aisle was not quite as trashed as it normally is when he's gotten in so I may have caught him in the early stages of sabotage.

It only took a few minutes to sort things out again.

So I guess my horse activities today are limited to catching the criminal before the crime was complete.


  1. I love Chinese food, and Indian. Do you have Indian as well?


  2. you really need something more secure there really, you do seem to spend time having to sort the feed area out! LOL