Sunday, July 20, 2008

At The Risk Of Repeating Myself

Hotter Still

I was miserable when I went out to feed at around 7:30 AM. I had to unload some of the feed bags from the truck. I managed seven of the eleven and gave up as I was soaking wet with sweat. I'll be going out to check on the Boys to see if anyone needs a hosing, but I think my horse activities for the day are limited to feed time.

Not much else to report except I hope to go for a swim at some point. I may wait until evening, though, because yesterday I did get a little sunburn. Nothing much but I don't want to risk anything. I am very light skinned and burn easily.

As of 12 PM, that's the story. I doubt there will be much more.


  1. It was a bit chilly here. I had to put on a sweater this morning but by the time I rode in the clinic it had warmed up quite a bit, but not hot mind you. On the other hand if you need to ice anything like an elbow of knee this is the weather for you to do it in!

    I hope your weather cools soon.


  2. too hot to move! factor 50, jean!

  3. I was wearing two jumpers today!