Saturday, July 05, 2008

It Was a Shoe In

Morning Call

I got up a bit late to feed and just before I went out to the barn, my farrier, Scott called. My Boys were due for shoeing and I'd called him a day or so ago. However, I never expected Scott so soon, especially yesterday, as it was a National Holiday, our Independence Day. (Sorry, folks across the pond. We did win that war.)

I guess Scott had no other plans for the day, and since he lives about 8 miles away, decided to come to my house to get the Boys done.

I should have taken my camera out to get some more pics of little Mic, Scott's Border Collie pup. He has grown, of course, but so has his personality. Old Jack, the 15 year old was trying to keep up with him, but his arthritis and general physical disabilities have caught up with him. Still, it was cute watching the two of them vie for the toys I keep in the yard for them. I'd gotten a new squeaky toy for Mic but Jack was just as interested in it, even though he is deaf and cannot hear the squeak.

Scott also had his daughter, Julie with him and, of course, Kyle, his assistant. I had a nice chat with Julie, played with the pups, and hung out while Scott did the shoeing.

There is still concern about Tucker's foot with the abscess. Scott got some black goo out of the toe area and is worried about the track that's left. He trimmed a good hole into the toe area which I need to pack with cotton and iodine. Not sure what else to do about it. Tucker is showing no signs of lameness, but we need to watch it.

The, Scott dropped the bombshell. He is going to have shoulder surgery near the end of July. That will put him out of commission for at least, he estimates, four months. While he will find a good substitute to do the shoeing, I have such confidence in him, his skill, and his rapport with my horses, that using someone else for the duration will be a bit traumatic. However, I also trust Scott's recommendations, so whomever he sends will be more than capable.

As we were talking, I realized Scott has been shoeing my horses for about 18 years. I think that says it all. I hope he has a super successful surgery, and an even more successful recovery.

The shoeing took up most of the morning. Then the heat was on for the day. By evening it was raining. There still seemed to be a number of fireworks displays going on to celebrate the holiday as I heard booms all around. I have to wonder if the rain was localized that much or if--considering the weather forecast for the next several days--they just decided to have the celebrations anyhow instead of risking constant cancellations due to wet weather.

Looks like we are headed for days of rain.


  1. I suppose shoeing for that many years is bound to lead to physical issues..its a tough job thats for sure!
    Im sure he'll find someone good to take over for the short term.

    ////However, I never expected Scott so soon, especially yesterday, as it was a National Holiday, our Independence Day. (Sorry, folks across the pond. We did win that war.)///
    Na we let you:)))

  2. Oh I wish you got some photos of the pup.

    It must be so much fun to play with ^-^

    I hope Tucker foot will be okay.

    feet are tricky!