Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rerun of Yesterday

Only Hotter!!

I thought I might wait until dark to work the Boys, but two things interfered. First was that I needed to go to a Township Council meeting to get information on the flooding report on the Swamp. Long story, but I did get it, so that's good. Second...it never did cool off!

So, the Boys had the day off. I will be giving them each some watermelon rind at "midnight" snack, so they are not being neglected. They've had hay during the day and the fans are on, although they were out cruising around the paddocks off and on.

I finally headed out to the water park in the late afternoon. Unluckily, the swim teams were practicing and using all the lap lanes. I personally don't think that's too fair to those of us who have paid for a membership, but one of the trainers said I could ask the lifeguards to put up another lane. Instead I opted to swim right along the outside of the last lane marker and managed to get in my laps without being crashed into by recreational "play" swimmers.

I upped my laps to 7, so that's 14 lengths of the pool. Not bad considering I don't think I really am in very good shape. Swimming is really great exercise for me as it does not put a lot of strain on my knees and still lets me use my legs. That, in turn, gets my heart rate up and builds stamina. Since my riding is dressage and, like a dressage horse, builds strength more than long term stamina, the swimming adds a dimension to my overall fitness I really need. When I was eventing, both my horse and I had "distance" written all over us.

Hopefully, by the end of the summer, I will have lost some weight, gained some energy, and I will feel nice and healthy.


  1. I love swimming used to swim for the city before the horse's took over.I never get time now but its the only exercise that makes me feel great at the end of it.You've put the thought in my mind so I might start going during the holidays...2&half weeks to go:))

  2. now there's a thing. partner keeps telling me i should start swimming again - but it is the time factor! nicola, you used to swim seriously then? wow.

  3. How long is the pool Jean?? IT's great exercise for your knees, non wieght-bearing, isn't it?

    I love swimming too - a real water baby!