Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Same Old Refrain

But There is Hope

Supposedly the heat wave will break tomorrow.

Until then, I am sticking to the air conditioning. The Boys ventured out into the pasture, though, as there was a bit of a breeze later in the day.

The evening was cooler, but I had a meeting to go to and didn't get home until nearly 11 PM, so I didn't horse around.

Again, I accomplished virtually nothing today. My neck was stiff, so I had a bit of a headache and scheduled the chiropractor for late in the day. Turns out it was mostly muscular, which is good, but I have to wonder what caused it? The swimming? Bit of a worry, that, but at least muscle issues I can work out on my own.

So, at the risk of repeating myself, the now 7 day heat wave has done me wrong. The Boys do seem to be coping well.

As a side note, my little stray orange tomcat is back again. This is about the third time he has reappeared after a long absence this summer. I wish I could capture him and get him neutered, but I'd have to make the vet arrangements first and then catch him and his appearances here are pretty erratic. He is, though, getting comfortable enough with me that I can pet him when I give him his food.

I call him Paprika (Paprikash when we are being Slovak about it--from my Grandmother) and he really is kind of cute in a stray cat kind of way. He is a talker and starts meowing as soon as he knows I am about. I am feeding him well with canned food--9 Lives--mostly because I always worry about the stress an outdoor kitty is under. I just wonder how many litters of little orange mix kittens are around within his territory.

He was the daddy of the kittens the mama cat had here and his orange genes showed up in four of the five I managed to catch. I'm not sure about the sixth kitten who got away. Mommy was spayed, but I haven't seen her for perhaps. However, my neighbor to the west has cats and feeds some outdoors and I know Mommy was living up there. Hopefully she has settled in at his house. I do know the last time I saw her here she headed right off in his direction when she saw me--the mean lady who took her to the vet!!

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  1. you'll me using muscles you'd forgotten about, Jean - and these days I find that unless i use a correct technique that i was never taught, breast stroke is a nightmare (and front crawl is too fast for me !)