Sunday, July 27, 2008


What More Can I Say?

I simply cannot motivate myself to work a horse in the heat anymore. I think getting older has finally done in my determination.

Then again, I did get kind of distracted yesterday. I started working on the driver safety play script and got on a roll, so that's how I spent the bulk of the day.

I did clean out the run in shed by Chance's stall and I spread my fly predators about. I must admit I have very few stable flies about this year. I am hoping it is not just the weather but my fly control program as well. I use the fly predators, as I said and my horses are on the Solitude IGR feed through fly control.

However, the day was not without excitement. Too much for me, apparently, as I didn't take the time to really focus the camera. However, I was taking the picture through the living room window, so maybe this is the best quality I could get. The rest of the pics are horrible, so this is the best of the lot. Perhaps my visitor will return and I can try again. This was close to dusk. The fox did look young to me, but that was just an impression. I haven't seen the rabbits around the last few days. I wonder if this critter's caught a few. I was certainly getting overrun.

He/she was very alert and definitely in hunting mode. I knew I had a fox about as I'd seen it twice in the arena after dark. It was really fun having it visit close to the house.


  1. Oh a fox! less rabbits they can be real pest :-(

    Fly predators, I have heard of them in American mags, I wondered if it worked.

    Let us know .

  2. pretty good through a window and at dusk!

    what are fly predators?

  3. We have oodles of foxes in this country, in the country and in towns too.


  4. Fly predators are this little teeny wasp bugs that eat only the larva of the flies. You "seed" the manure pile and any wet spots with them. The hatch and eat the fly larva before they turn into flies. I've used them for three years now and have really noticed a difference.

  5. link to relevant website jean? see if we can get them here!

  6. Fly predators: