Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe I Should Just Hit "Copy and Paste"

Still Hot

I'm thinking now I should have gotten up early today as it was a little cooler than this evening. At least there was a breeze. Sundown has brought very still air and high 80's F. Again, I MAY go out later to long line Tucker, but then again, I MAY not.

I did swim, doing my 15 laps and the water was lovely!! So to all of you wearing winter clothes and sweaters in blustery Britain, there are some benefits to having a real summer. Pool water temps in the 70's F, and a nice relaxing tour or three around the lazy river, just kind of floating along in my tube.

However, it does not make good riding weather. Before you even get on the horse you are soaked in sweat.

I did have a long chat with a teacher from school whose two daughters ride and are in search of some instruction. Interesting problems with the younger girl's horse. He gets nappy, backs up, is reluctant about going into the arena, and will buck in the canter. They have had a good vet out to see if there were any physical issues and found nothing as far as lameness or soreness. That leaves tack problems, rider problems, and...ulcers. Since I am now a leading authority on how much tummy problems can affect a horse's behavior, I have recommended some ranitidine doses to see if it makes a difference.

I will be going over there Thursday evening to see if I can help out with some basic training. We'll see how things go from there. It's only a few miles from here, and an easy commute.

Then, on Friday, if I so choose, I can become a media star! My knee doctor is filming a promotional video and his office called today to ask if I would be interested in doing a testimonial. Since I need to get off my bum and do something worthwhile this summer, I think it would be fun. My knees are far from perfect, but his treatments have really made a big difference.

Last year, I was called by a newspaper reporter from Maryland (south of Washington, DC) a state about 3 hours away from New Jersey, in an interview about this same doctor. He really is a pioneer in some of the treatments he offers. At one time, he was one of only two doctors in the country using stem cell injections to treat the kind of injuries I have to both knees. The idea is to regrow the cartilege that has worn away or been surgically removed. As well, the prolotherapy injections help tighten the loose ligaments to stabilize the joints. Since my only other options would be more surgery to replace the missing cruciate ligament--like Tiger Woods just had--or knee replacements, both of which would require a long layup, Dr. Magaziner is keeping me on my feet and, more importantly, in the saddle.

Well, in the saddle when it's not hotter than h**l.


  1. ah! medical history! now i'm missing a medial meniscus after surgery for a torn one about 10 years ago now ... if not more - and said knee is now giving me grief! not so bad when on the horse, though.....

    I'm impressed your insurer is paying for this - one hears such horror stories - but on the other hand, i doubt if any of it is available on the NHS!

  2. Fame at last!

    Its actually been a lovely few days over here..makes a change.:)