Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Heat is Breaking

Thunderbusters All Around

It was pretty warm this morning, so after the Tour de France, I had some lunch and then headed for the pool.

Since thunderstorms were predicted, I was worried they'd close down before I got my laps in. As it turned out, I wasn't far off. I went to the market on the way home to pick up a few things--ended up with more than I intended due to some good sales. On the way home, there was thunder on the western horizon and, worse, some pretty nasty looking lightning streaking to the ground.

This always makes me nervous with the horses out. I'd closed off the pasture so they were not hanging out on the hill, but even the paddocks can get struck. I figured I might have time to lunge Tucker at least, but the thunder kept rumbling.

Around here, storms to the west usually seem to circle around and eventually roll in, so I fed the Boys, filled their water buckets and locked them in the barn.

Good thing. Within the hour the sky darkened and the storm, in all its glory came in right over top of us. So far my Internet is still up, so I can post this, but it is really dark out there and the thunder is getting louder. I think the storm is still a bit to the west, but I hear it coming closer.

Instant update: I just leaped about two feet out of my chair. Something very, very close just got struck by lightning. There was a huge flash and a loud, sharp, bang as if God had just cracked a huge bullwhip. I don't see anything hit in my yard, but it certainly did seem really close. Scary, let me tell you. The cats freaked along with me. Nasty stuff out there.


  1. Ref yesterday, I wondered where you got your Balkan sounding name from Jean. You're a Slovak, eh? They seem to be a tough race.

    Your storm sounds scary. I worry about lightening too, with the boys out on a hillside.


  2. ooh, nasty! hope you're all okay out there!