Friday, July 18, 2008

Bumming Around as My Mother Used to Say

Hot, Hotter, Hottest

I did not ride this morning. I was up early but decided against it since I had a morning doctor's appointment. I always worry that if I do work the horses and something goes awry--training problem, handling issue--I will either have to ignore it for the sake of the clock, or work on it and ignore the clock. Either way, it does not make a good work session. The heat was on by 8:30 anyhow, so I may not have had a very comfortable morning if I had tried.

Excuses aside, I headed off to the doctor. Quite pleased to find my blood pressure well in the normal range. Elsewise I was evaluated for some physical therapy for some of my neck/upper back issues. Then I had a chiropractic adjustment.

And then...I went cat food shopping. After which, Caroline will be pleased, I stopped at the newly renovated McDonalds. And next, to the Mall. I decided to shop the swimwear sales to see what I could find to supplement my already large swimsuit collection. I love to pair separates, so I was just having fund shopping around trying things on. I found nothing at the mall.

Next, I went to the pool and added two more full laps, so I am up to twelve. It was pretty crowded because of the miserable heat wave that came in last night. I'm not sure it's going to cool off after dark, either. There is just a yucky feeling in the air. But the pool felt wonderful. I rode around a few times in the lazy river tubes (now that you all know what that means. *G*) and then, in a moment of inspiration, decided to go back for some more shopping at one of the sport stores I'd missed the first time around.

Back I went since I was halfway there already. This time, I scored with a few cute tops.

There was a Chinese restaurant next to the sporting goods store. I bought some cashew chicken, steamed dumplings and hot and sour soup. That will hold me for about three meals.

That is, if the "back room" kitty, Buddy, doesn't steal it first. Within the past week, some sort of truce has been established between Buddy and DJ, my tabby cat. Now Buddy allows DJ in the back rooms without a battle, and DJ allows Buddy into the front of the house. (They still fight, with super confident DJ as the aggressor, but something has changed. ) The problem is that Buddy likes people food, unlike my other four cats who will not eat anything except proper cat food. While I do like to share my meals with Buddy, I rather prefer to be making the choice myself. Since I have not had to lock my food away in the past with no thieving cats about, I have made some repeated mistakes with food recently. Tonight, it was the cashew chicken. Buddy went up on the counter and knocked in on the floor, where the container fell right side up, thank goodness. I'm not sure if he ate any, because I'd had the lid on, but some of it did spill out any how. I have to change my thinking about where I keep my food.

Last night, he was trying to get the casserole out of the toaster oven. And, the night before, I'm pretty sure he ate some of the grilled chicken I'd prepared for my salad and left on the counter under a pot lid while I went to the market to get some lettuce.

If the horses are under control the cats are obviously not. (Or at least Buddy's not.)

As my Mom used to say, I just bummed around all day. Kind of fun, actually.


  1. best sort of thing to do in this sort of heat .. .unlike us, but then when you're away its different! horses were boiled even in the barn, but at least today they didn't knock their water over whilst we were out....

  2. Well thats what holidays are for!

    Im very carefull where I leave grub.I have to be with three terriers who are ALWAYS hungry and have absolutely no shame about stealing food:).

  3. I thawed a turkey one Christmas and came down to the only one-legged turkey in the country - the other one was completely missing, plastic cover and all, and the cats were looking very smug.

    Strawberry cornetto McFlurry is my current favourite Jean!