Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lunging to Start Off

It's Been Over A Week

And we are still waiting for the heat to really break for sure. But this morning, it was cool so at 6:30 AM I went out and lunged Tuck and Chance.

No big deal, but exercise and a start to putting them to some work. Still it's supposed to be hot for the next couple days, so I don't know what we'll end up doing. I haven't tried a ride in the woods because I know the bugs, especially the deer flies, are really awful. I do have the bug armor, but using it requires motivation and the heat takes most of that out of me.

Both kids lunged really well, but I have to laugh at Tucker. He certainly doesn't expend any extra energy. Unless I really push him on, he just loafs around at the trot and canter.

Chance has a much more honest approach but he lacks the stamina to keep it up, especially the canter. Yet, he is quite willing to go on, if I just encourage him.

If you don't read the replies to my last posts, you will miss the link to the fly predators. Here's where I get mine: www.spalding-labs.com I'm sure there are other companies, but these guys are good. They ship automatically all season and I got a double "dose" in July, peak fly season.

I am having trouble with my neck again. I was to the chiropractor twice yesterday. It may be OK today, but I'm not sure. I'll go for a swim in the early afternoon to see if that helps. If not, I guess it's back to the chrio. Frustrating, because if I don't get it treated I get a headache. Not fun.

I've been dog sitting the last two days and will continue through the week. Odie is an adorable Vizsla, with energy to burn. He didn't want to eat this morning, so I took him out for a run in the yard chasing tennis balls. He's not so good a returning them, but I'm working on that, as I certainly don't want to chase tennis balls. After I had him out for a little while, I brought his food outside and finally encouraged him to eat it all. I think he misses his little boy.

Hopefully, as the week progresses he will feel a little better with me and eat on his own when I first feed him. I'm also reenforcing some of his basic training by having him sit and lie down as well as come when called. He's not bad but really does get distracted easily. He's a really cute dog.


  1. the dog will be in a mope at the moment, and by the end of the week he won't want to go home, is my guess!

  2. Plenty of exercise and fresh air should do the trick when we have OH's mums dog she takes a few days to eat...she is pretty spoilt at home so our house must be a shock to the system no fresh cooked meat or pampering:))

  3. Nic has two Vizlas, full of character!


  4. The dog is at his own house, so I take care of him there. I did get him to eat and his "grandma" will be there in the evening from now on to take care of him then. I only feed and exercise him in the morning.

    Two goats there as well. Adorable critters too. They are very smart, I can tell.