Monday, February 04, 2008

Cloudy Monday

Still Warmish

But with the clouds and a touch of precipitation now and then, it wasn't exactly the most pleasant of days.

Add to that how I hiked all over the school to find the acting Principal so I could get in the school media center for some machine graded answer sheets I needed for the tests I was giving, and you have one set of really sore knees. So I opted out of riding, even though I'd thought of taking Chance out on a short hack.

Instead, I lunged Tucker. No big deal, nor was it a hard workout. At least he didn't think so as he wasn't even breathing hard after the session. That's pretty good considering that when he started out he saw something exciting out on the Turnpike--the big toll road about a half mile away from the arena--and puffed up to what looked like 18 hands of bug eyed, prancy dancy show off Thoroughbred. Actually, I think it was either an accident or a traffic stop as red a blue police lights were flashing on the horizon. I guess Tuck saw the lights and figured they were a good excuse for being silly.

Suffice it to say I am just as glad I wasn't riding him. *G*

The rest of the lunging was fine and he looks good and sound. I didn't notice his dragging that right hind at all, so if may well be the hock issue is resolved. Three cheers for Adequan.

Tomorrow, after school, I need to go to the feed store. They are running specials on Purina feeds and I have a coupon for $2 off each bag of the special feed I get for Tuck. One day only sales on several of the labels. Might go again on Wednesday for another variety....or will the gas I use on the trip actually cancel out the discount?

Looks like considerable rain is on the way for Wednesday. Bummer in that I have the day off to go to my knee doctor. Still, if it does rain, I will have to be a good patient and stay off the horses. Meanwhile, it looks as if Tucker might have to stay in again. Poor kid. He is pretty good about it, but I always feel sorry for him.


  1. prancy dancy - yes I know that movement!


  2. now it's Tuesday - did you vote? or did you already do that in your state? or is it yet to come?

    someone over hear (a professor at Durham university) suggested that it would surely make more sense for all the states to have their primaries/caucuses (sp?) on the same day ....