Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It Was Almost Hot

Sore Knees and Summer Weather

Would you believe it was somewhere near 70F today? Incredible.

Went to my knee doctor this morning. Combining the anesthetic, the prolotherapy, and the stem cell injections, I had a minimum of 10 injections in each knee.

For what? The prolotherapy is designed to tighten my loose ligaments by irritating them with a sucrose like solution that causes them to thicken with scar tissue of a sort. This is like the concept of using a blister on a horse.

The stem cell treatment helps regrow cartilage, which is the essential barrier and cushioning tissue in all joints. I also take glucosamine for this and people can also have hyluranic acid treatments--adequan--but the injections go into the joint and can be very painful. So far, my doctor said the stem cell treatments--stem cells taken from my own blood mixed with growth hormones--will create at least 1/8" of new cartilage. It has been lasting me nearly a year before I need a treatment again.

I was, however, naughty when I got home. I took a short nap and then headed outdoors. Job one was to clean out Tucker's runin shed with the tractor. While it was easier on my knees than pushing the wheelbarrow, I still had to climb on and off the tractor.

Then, I decided there was no way I could pass up the incredible weather, so I saddled up Tucker and rode him in the arena for about 10 minutes. He was super bouncy, responsive and forward. I tried some off the outside rein right angle turns at the canter, sort of an elementary beginning pirouette exercise and found it balanced him into a nice canter walk transition into the other lead. Since he has to do the canter walk canter lead change in the second level tests this season, it turned out to be a great exercise. I did two in each direction, and found him starting to get hot and sweaty. The weather was far too warm to do any more serious work on a horse with a winter coat--even if he is a Thoroughbred. So, totally delighted with how he was feeling, I took him out on a hack in the woods to finish up. He was an angel.

Headed out for a hack with Chance next and he too was a good boy. With just a little "catch me if you can," I managed to collect Toby and take him out on the same short hack.

Gorgeous weather, wonderful horses and sore knees. What more could a person want?

Oh, yeah, I took the day off from school because of my knees and I'm glad I did. I seriously doubt I could have done much walking around the building. I went to church and choir rehearsal tonight, and I can tell you, I sat through the hymns as getting up and down out of the pew was a real chore. Stairs and just walking in general don't feel too good either. It's going to take a while for the inflammation to go away.

Once again, the small adventures abound. Nothing truly dramatic, but certainly not dull.


  1. Wow dont think I could have coped with that many injections!;0
    Amazing what science comes up with.

    Tuckers sounds to be in great form hopefully the Adequan with have the same effects on Polo.

  2. Oh cheeky you ! you can ride but not walk LOL

    I hope you feel better soon! It sounds quite painful!

  3. Flipping heck. It's a good job you don't have a needle phobia!