Monday, February 18, 2008

Nothing to Report

Lazy Day

Don't know why but I just couldn't get motivated to ride. I was going to long line and then didn't even manage that.

Went to church in the AM, did some shopping later--had to get carrots and ended up with a bunch of other stuff--asparagus on sale!

Got home. That was it.

Waste of another nice day.


  1. Riding is your hobbit not YOUR job. Enjoying a nice day is nice too.

    Regarding anticipating, "reining" told me that Shawn Flarida ( famous reiner) would spend a HUGE amount of time on training the horse not too anticipate.
    For example : he will trot canter the horse instraight line, if the horse turns left, he will ask to turn right and vice versa. One step forward, two steps back, head up head down etc...
    Until the horse WAITS for his order.
    Apparently it takes months ...

  2. No day is a waste Jean - you heard the birds sing and saw the sky and smelled the horse food. It was just a day "differently enjoyed" :-)