Tuesday, February 26, 2008


And Rain

My farrier called this morning just about 15 minutes before I needed to leave for school. He figured the Boys were due for shoes and trims and since he was going on a short vacation next week, decided today would be a good day to come.

Sweetie that he is, he did agree that since he was calling so late, he would bring the horses in so I didn't have to go back out to lock them in their stalls to wait for him.

Apparently, all went well because when I got home from school around 4, he was there, Toby was done, Tucker's shoes were being made, and Chance was soon to be on the crossties for his trim.

As a matter of fact, the report on horse behavior was superior. Not only had everyone been as good as gold, but even Tucker had stood straight on the crossties, waiting patiently, instead of moving his bum off to the side as he usually does.

Needless to say, I told him how proud I was of how well he'd behaved. He's usually not really bad, but sometimes he gets fidgety and simply refuses to stand straight in the aisle. Quite a pleasure to hear Scott compliment him on being a really good boy.

Unfortunately, it was raining by then. And, to make matters worse, the ground was beginning to thaw pretty thoroughly, creating, as I predicted--MUD! Deep, sticky, and some slippery mud. I ended up closing Tucker into the stall and pen under the runin shed for the night and tomorrow, I am going to have to restrict his turnout to the riding arena in the sand. He's not going to be too happy about that, but new shoes and thick, gooey mud do not go together. As a matter of fact, the mud tends to separate feet and shoes.

Ah well, someday summer will return and I will have dry, hot days to complain about instead.

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  1. What a farrier you have Jean. We can only dream of service like that here in the UK - and ours all have to be registered and train for 4 years too. Perhaps that restricts competition and allows them to give the poor service that so many of them do.