Friday, February 08, 2008

Chilled Out

Stiff Knees

The temperature dropped into the 40's today. Normally, that would be fine for me, but my knees were really stiff today and still sore.

So, I didn't ride.

I'm not sure The Boys minded. All they want to do is eat.

Tucker is especially pushy about his food. Tonight, before he had even finished his own portion, he went into Chance's stall--I'd left the aisle door open for a minute--while I was standing there, shoved Chance out, and began eating his food. He was pretty arrogant when I chased him out.

I had to lock Chance's outside door to keep Tucker out so the poor kid could finish up and finally Tuck gave up and went back to his own stall to finish his food. He doesn't bother Toby, thank goodness, because Toby is the alpha horse and no one messes with him.

I know I could lock everyone in until they all eat, but each horse has his own eating style and it is far more convenient to not have to go back out again to do turn out with my set up. What I usually do is put big alfalfa cubes in Tucker's feed tub along with his grain and it slows him down and distracts him so he stays where he belongs and leaves Chance alone.

I do wonder too if the Ultium is not quite as satisfying as the regular pellets the other guys get. Supposedly, it's a low sugar, higher fat feed and he may be craving the higher sugar stuff once he tastes it.

Then again, this is Tucker. He didn't get to be over 16.3h and as round as he is by missing a meal. *G*


  1. Cheeky Tucker! but Chance needs ALL his food, he is still a Baby!

    I think you are right the higher carb food must be more "yummy" than the high fat one.

    I hope your knees will feel better soon.

  2. AliG was horrified at the unmolassed feed I use when he first arrived.

    Tuck's like Polo doesnt matter how much I give him he is always finished eating first!