Thursday, February 14, 2008

Soggy Bottom

A Playful Frolic

When I got home tonight, the Boys were frolicking. Tucker was on one side of the fence and Chance was on the other and they were....well...fencing! Boingy, boingy, gallop, rear, bite at each other.

Shortly thereafter, Toby joined in.

So, I changed my clothes and got in the game. I wouldn't exactly call it free lunging, as the game mostly consisted of Toby and Tucker racing from one end of the arena to the other, waiting for me to reach them so I could flick the whip and then off they'd go. Chance had at that point elected to stay on the other side of the fence so he was racing around the outside.

The only problem with all this was that the arena footing was really wet and, as I predicted, they were cutting down into the base clay churning some of that up too. It will be fine when it dries out again, though, and I do have some extra sand to put down of need be.

But it did convince me I was better off not riding as things were a bit slippery and more than soggy all the way to the bottom.

After we played, both Tucker and Chance who had finally come in the arena to join the fun came over to me to share some chin scratches. Well, I didn't get any chin scratches, but they did. I was one of those nice pleasant social moments.

Tomorrow is supposed to warm up, so maybe the ground will dry out a bit. My land is high and really does drain well, so I am hopefual. Saturday is also supposed to be dry, but more wet weather is coming later in the weekend.

It was so nice not to have a lot of mud, but I guess those days are gone for a while. At least the days are getting longer, and, if the sun manages to come out, the footing can improve pretty quickly.

I can also go on a hack, but there too, some of the footing can be dicey if it is wet on top, so I do have to be careful.

Patience. What did Caroline say? Spring is on the way?

Update on Stacie's horse Lucky. She took him to New Bolton, University of Penn's medical center today. The vet is very concerned that he is still so lame. He took an X-ray and wants Stacie to keep him on stall rest for another three weeks. He also injected his ankle. Right now, things do not look too hopeful that Lucky will be able to be ridden again, but Stacie will be happy if he can just be a pasture ornament. It is all pretty depressing at the moment. *sigh*

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  1. ////but Stacie will be happy if he can just be a pasture ornament. It is all pretty depressing at the moment. *sigh*////
    Oh I said those very words when Polo had the joint infection.Its a horrible feeling the not knowing. you just desperately want them to live never mind anything else.
    But despite the poor prognosis Polo bounced back and has had 11years of ridden work since so there is still hope.

    I love watching them play:))