Monday, February 11, 2008

Bitter Cold!

Everything is Frozen Solid

Including my enthusiasm for even being out in the barn!

I will be feeding a wet, warm feed late tonight again. No bran, though, as if it is not thoroughly soaked through it can actually draw water out of the horse's gut. Wetting their pelleted feed makes a nice mushy mess and they seem to like slurping it up when it's cold. And I will add some carrots along with the alfalfa cubes already in there.

The temperature dropped 30-35 degrees since yesterday, maybe more. At least the worst of the winds managed to die down a bit. I had to pick up nearly all the recyling papers I'd put out in the little blue bin as it had been blown over and tossed about. Nice little mess to keep me bending and moving in the cold.

I filled the water tub using buckets, but I do have one of those coil hoses I keep in the house to use when the water level gets really low. I have an electric heater in the tub, so the Boys always have water to drink.

Needless to say, I didn't ride.


  1. it does get to the point where you can't, doesn't it.

  2. Its been glorious here through the day then dropping down to -3 over two's coats are starting to moult!