Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Votes, Grain, and Knees

Another Warm Day Passes

And I didn't ride again. However, my left knee is really painful. I know it won't be instantly cured at the doctor's tomorrow, but right now any relief will be welcome.

I might have ridden, actually, but after school I drove to the feed store for the $2 off on every bag of Ultium, the feed Tucker gets. And it was an honest $2 off since the regular price was still posted and hadn't been raised for the sale. I got some of the regular pellets as well and some alfalfa cubes, so I am fairly well stocked up.

But that meant I had to unload the stuff when I got home which certainly didn't make my knees feel any better.

And then, I had to go vote in the primary. Yes, New Jersey, my home state moved its usual June primary date to February to get into the Presidential mix early. The US government is a strange beast in some ways. Each individual State is its own little sovereign nation in regard to certain issues--States' Rights. Controlling its own elections is one of those rights. Since the primary elections determine where each State's votes go, even though we are choosing Federal (meaning US Government) officials, the big government has no say in when or how those elections are run. Once November comes, when the Presidential election is set, then certain Federal laws do come into play, but the individual States still have a lot of control.

The concept of freedom and democracy here can get kind of confusing with all the little governments romping about making decisions. We voters need to keep track of a lot of situations if we really want to keep informed.

I did vote, for Hillary Clinton. I am a declared Democrat, so I cannot vote in the primary for a Republican or any other party candidate. However, I did have a choice of selecting an undeclared group of delegates and for a moment, I did consider that. But, as of the moment, I support Clinton. I guess I will just have to wait and see what choices November ultimately brings.

Interestingly enough, I do believe almost all the Democratic candidates who were running were still on the ballot as choices. I will be curious to see how that plays out here. I'm not sure what happens to a vote cast for a no longer running candidate when it comes time for the delegates to vote in the covention to pick the ultimate candidate.

Ah, democracy. I wonder if anyone will every get it exactly right.


  1. Yep, your system seems a bit complicated. I am following the elections with great interest. ( but not all the times up to date ^-^).

    I am a fan of Hilary, she seems to know what she is doing. I am not convinced by Obama, as he seems to surf on a trend.

    We will see ...

  2. i had a feeling you'd vote that way.....

    but big business will get in the way if she tries her health care plans again, unfortunately....i think it's far too close to call though - is america ready for a woman or an african/american?

    or neither...