Friday, April 20, 2007

Worn Out

And Sore

My last excuse. I had to go to the chiropractor again today.

I was getting a headache from my neck which was acting up because my shoulder was so sore. OK, OK, Claire, but I don't think it was the hay. There is a big bruise on my collarbone area, and today, for the first time, my doctor did an adjustment there.

So far, things are feeling a whole lot better. I was, however so darn tired when I got home that I ended up taking a nap after I fed the Boys.

Tomorrow I will ride for sure, especially since my trainer, Chris is coming down on Sunday. He will be here at 7:30 AM so I can work Tucker and Chance before church. Tuck will have a full lesson and Chance just an introductory mini-session. Hopefully, he will keep his feet properly organized underneath him. *G*

Tomorrow too, Kelly should be coming over for her dressage lesson for Sunday's show, and then later, my friend Shelley will be coming by so we can go out for dinner...tea. It is my birthday on Sunday, so we can celebrate a little. The weather is supposed to be lovely all weekend and into the next week as well.

I bought some fertilizer for the lawn and think I'll be getting some super lime for the pasture. I also need to so some reseeding too. It will be just my luck that we won't get any rain now for weeks and nothing will grow.

Oh, well, at least I have things to keep me busy.

Promise a riding post tomorrow.


  1. do you not get the feeling you're trying to pack too much in?

    bruise sounds awful, i can't believe there's no fracture... but at least you're getting some treatment!

  2. so how did you get on today, saturday?