Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dinner with Friends

Soup, Glorious Soup!!

My friend Stacie bought some soup from a lady who rides at another nearby barn for our dinner tonight.

She, Karen and I got together to talk horses and lessons and "stuff," right after work. The soup was fabulous. "Hearty Vegetable," and it was. Beans and all kinds of goodies in a nice thick broth. I am definitely going to have to order some soup from this Soup Lady soon and put the quart in my fridge to eat during the week. I had two other "flavors" at the Patrice Edwards Clinic during lunch and loved them too. Apparently her prices are great and obviously, the food is well worth it. We had a nice filling meal fit for four for less than $25USD. Yum!

Did I ride? Of course not.

The Boys don't care. Some of the hay I bought on Friday appears to be total alfalfa, so they are quite happy having me ignore them while they eat.

School was so frustrating. We had a parent conference on a student--the one whose mother yelled at me before vacation--and had to reach a compromise that the student will be allowed to make up all the work she missed for the second quarter even though we are nearly finished with the third quarter now. Because of a screw up by her guidance counselor, who had not notified us teachers of the girl's special circumstances laid out in a legal record called a 504, we needed to accomodate her above and beyond the call of duty.

Well, getting together some 20 missed assignments/worksheets etc, all either filed away or lost during an unfortunate computer file crash months ago, took up what remained of my preparation time once the extra long conference was over.

Well that and the fact that the culinary arts shop was not serving lunch put me off for the rest of the day. I now have a pile of book reports, tests, and other assignments still ungraded on my desk, and I had to do some fast footwork to run off copies of the work two of my afternoon classes needed.

Never said being a teacher was easy. *sigh* Can't wait to grade all the late papers to add to the pile.


  1. I know of the 504, my wife teaches special education and I have heard about them before. All of the teachers should have been well informed of that from school day one. It is not easy, living with one for over 20 years I have heard some tales. Now I have a new teacher in the house who does not yet know what she's in for.

  2. that sounds like what we call a statement of special educational needs? a child is "statemented" for reasons to do with their physical or mental disabilities/issues. and is a cause for litigation against local education authorities (the equivalent of your school board, i think, but run by the local council rather than separately elected) where pupils are not statemented or don't get the satement their parents think they should have....

    fancy not telling you, hope the guidance person has been suitably chastised! not that that's an excuse for the parent screaming at you..

  3. All your comments are right on target. The guidance counselor messed up big time. Now she is trying to cover herself. As a result, I, as the teacher am stuck behind the 8 ball doing all kinds of extra work.

    No one will chastise her unless it is brought before the administration. My question is whether I want to do that. I don't need her as an enemy, but darn it, I surely wish she had been doing her job all along.