Monday, April 02, 2007

Busy Day

And a Good One

I went to the doctor for some laser therapy on my knees in the morning.

When I got home, I called the tack shop to get approval of the breeches size trade so I can send a pair to Claire. I had to wait for the manager to call back which threw me off an hour. I had wanted to stop at my hay man to see what his timothy/grass mix was like, but he was closed for lunch so I had to wait.

I exchanged the breeches, and visited the hay place on the way home. This hay was beautiful but a dollar more than the hay from the guy across the road. I bought four bales to try out and gossiped a bit about the farm we are trying to save since my hay man farms the land. Found out some interesting tidbits and headed back with the hay in the car.

The horses were making a fuss when I unloaded it so I had to open a bale and give them each a couple flakes. They seemed quite pleased so I left them to eating it and took on the trailer registration effort.

Fortunately, even though it is the beginning of a new month, the line in motor vehicles was not very long and, aside from the 20 minute each way, the whole process of getting the license plate only took about 45 minutes.

Back home again, I fed The Boys, and then crashed for about an hour while I waited for them to eat.

Finally, at around 6, I headed back out. My vet is coming tomorrow, so I needed to tidy up the barn a bit which I did, and then, at last, I tacked up Tucker in the long lines and took him out to work.

He was wonderful! This was absolutely the best work he has ever done on the lines. In short order he was round and engaged, and quite willing to go nicely forward. I did a bunch of canter/trot/canter transistions to really get him using his back and he was obedient and correct about it all. Three cheers for a very good boy.

I saddled up Chance for a quick school and he too was a star. His head was down nearly all the time with just a few little pop ups now and then whenever he lost his forward momentum. I am so pleased. He was also very straight, even on both sides, and quite easy to turn correctly on a circle. The falling in was completely gone and he bent through his body with more than reasonable balance. I only rode him about ten minutes as three year old brains do not need much more, and finished up with a ton of praise and pats. What a star he was!

Toby didn't seem too interested in doing anything more than watching, which is fine. By then it was getting a little dark and all I really wanted to do was throw everyone some more hay and go back inside.

The weather was lovely after some dampness in the morning, with true Spring temperatures--the kind where you need a light jacket just to ward off a bit of chill.

I guess for a first day of vacation, this one turned out to be just fine.

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  1. that;s always the trouble with holidays spent at home - no rest for all the work we don't get time to do during the working week...

    and yay on the breeches front!