Monday, April 16, 2007


....But I Didn't....

Ride, that is. The rain did stop after perhaps 6 inches had fallen. So many roads were flooded that the Governor (well, the acting Governor since the regular Governor is still in the hospital) declared a state of emergency. School was closed but I didn't find out until after I had driven in.

Phooey. Turned around and came home the back way to avoid the traffic jam on the main road and hit a couple of "road closed due to flooding" signs, but made it through OK. Then, I kind of sat around with a heating pad on my shoulder watchin the rain. And watching the rain. And watching the rain.

I guess you get the picture.

Once things settled down, I took a tour out to the warehouse infiltration basin to find, to my horror, that water was pouring out of it under the Turnpike to flood the Park at nearly the same level of the worst flooding I ever found out there.

I then took a walk with my camera out to the Park side, and took another lot of photos of the water there. The poor trees are three feet underwater again, and the flood once more definitely extends into the woods and vernal pools. I will grant that this was an extreme storm, but all calculations claimed the new basins would reduce the flooding, even from such an event. Not so.

It is all as bad as ever.

On a plus note, my riding ring is suprisingly good. With the ground thawed, the water percolates through really quickly and, although things are wet, the footing is holding really well.

Hence, the "could've." However, my shoulder and ribs are not exactly comfortable at the moment. My chiroprator's office was closed today, so I could not go in to get checked out, and rather than take a chance with riding, I have decided to wait. I did manage to get an appointment tomorrow morning between classes, so I'll go then and see how I really am.

Right now I think it's all bruising and muscle strain, but you never know.

The day has not been a good one. First came the storm from nature, and then came the terrible storm from man down at Virginia Tech. Over 30 people have been killed and many others wounded. As yet, there are very few specific details as to who or why. There is a news conference going on, but so much is preliminary it's hard to say what conclusions to reach. I feel so sorry for those poor kids and their families. It is hard to think about what it would be like to be involved in something like that. All I can do is pray for them all.


  1. jean, an xray to be sure of no fracture wouldn't come amiss(not that they're definitive - I KNOW i broke my collarbone falling off my first horse once, still have the lump, but the hospital insisted i hadn't...)

    as to virginia tech - i couldn't believe it had happened again, but then i could ... too many guns, and connie lawn was on our radio station tonight saying that in virginia anyone can go in, buy 12, with no background checks or anything. i guess they'll have to tighten that up now if nothing else....

  2. I had xrays this morning. Nothing is broken, but my shoulder joint took a good jouncing.

    The chiropractor adjusted just about everything and I am feeling much better already.

  3. I am very happy that you have found nothing broken Jean. However, I partially tore my rotator cuff three and a half years ago and it took two years to heal completely, but it did! And I wasn't debilitated during the recovery years.

    I am horrified about the shootings. When will the US get it? How many kids have to die? How many kdis have to watch their friends die? There are crazy people everywhere in the US buying up guns like candy. I believe the NRA has a hand in all of these killings and it's time for the US to say no to them. It doesn't have to be this way! OK enough said. It's just so awful.