Monday, April 30, 2007

Gotta Love These Long Days

Did a Lot of Stuff

Ok, I forgot I had to go to the knee doctor for my laser therapy. So, I rushed out of school and got there with five minutes to spare for my 4 PM appointment.

Left the doctor by 4:25 and was home a bit before 5. The horses were already looking for me, so I fed them and the cats and then ate a quick meal.

For some reason, I was compelled to mow the lawn. Found the garden tractor with a dead battery and almost no gas. So, I used the new battery charger and hooked that up, fueled up, and in short order the mower was purring like a very big kitten.

I have a good bit of lawn with lots of trees so mowing is always a challenge. I definitely did not do a pretty "golf course" job, but things surely do look better. Now if I can get the DR trimmer working properly--hoping it is just stale gas--I can trim around the trees and all the places where the riding mower just doesn't go.

That done, I decided to lunge Tucker and put him over a few jumps. I must say, he would be a really good jumper. He is very bold and doesn't even think about stopping. I did, unfortunately catch the line on a rail and had to let go. That sent him galloping madly about the ring with the line trailing, but he stopped pretty quickly. I assured him that it wasn't his fault, but mine, lowered the jump again so he could finish on a good note. He seemed pretty pleased with himself, graciously accepted my praise and then galloped off like a madman again to join his buddies in the field.

I still had an hour or so of light so I hitched up the ring drag to the other tractor and dragged the ring. It was a good time to do it before things dried out too much. My sand has a bit of clay in it and can dry pretty hard if I don't work it regularly. Even though it rained some last night, it was already drying off in a lot of spots, so I got to it just in time.

All in all it was a busy evening, but I feel I managed to get a lot done. It's a nice feeling.


  1. blimey, that was a lot to do in one night....

  2. It is atounding that you can do all that after Laser Therapy...