Wednesday, April 04, 2007


April Showers?

Oh, well, it is Spring in New Jersey.

Rain had already started by the time I got up to feed the Boys. I had thought from the forecast that I might have an hour or two to catch a quick ride, or at least take Chance out on the trail.

No go.

And it is fairly cold too. I won't complain too much as I am not looking forward to the heat of summer. My classroom at school is a steamroom when it's hot outside. The cooler it stays until June, the happier I will be.

However, it would be nice to see the sun for more than a few hours each week. We seem to have been under cloud cover for far too many days this year. Then again, perhaps my perception is skewed since this is my vacation and it's raining.

I debated what to do today. I thought about taking the little trailer to Home Depot to get some fence rails. I debated sorting my clothes that have totally taken over my bedroom. I debated for most of the morning and didn't do anything.

Finally about an hour and a half ago, I tackled the bedroom. I have gotten as far as making piles. So, I have the need to be washed pile, the maybe I'll wear them again pile, the get rid of completely pile, the I think I'll keep them pile, the miscellaneous mixed socks and stuff pile, the definitely keep as soon as I figure out where to put them piles, and the I don't know what to do with them pile. Now, if I could just bring myself to get rid of everything not in the definitely keep pile, I might have a manageable situation.

The sad fact is I have far too many clothes. I am hoping that between now and the next week or so I can become absolutely ruthless and get rid of anything I haven't worn in the last year or so.

Stay tuned.

I left Tucker in this morning. He doesn't seem to mind too much. Toby is spending time over on Chance's side of the barn and Chance is hanging out near Tucker. At least this way everyone has a share of the shelters without pushing someone else out.

The expensive hay from my dealer is a big hit too, but for now I will see if I can get a load from the guy next door. I still haven't quite figured out which is the better deal, but as long as the horses are happy eating it, I'll buy it. I still have some bales of the old mix left, and I'll start putting that out in the pasture for casual munching. They do tend to strew that about instead of eating it all while they are cleaning up the hay from next door.

I also need to get some pasture mix planted at some point, so the rain now may be a plus. Of course, I can debate it for a while, but if I take the ring drag out to the pasture and rake up the wet ground, and then sow some seed, it might take and get some new grass growing.

I think, tomorrow morning, I need to cut short the debate and just get to work.


  1. sounds like you had the weather we had yesterday ...

  2. Jean I am the slackerman on my blog this week and I am so disappointed my research has hit a big fat NOTHING! One small thing was I found another black Van Dyke. Hattie in the 1940's and Libbie in 1893. I did figure out that Bertha Ten Broeck (Buried in the Hush cemetery) is Hatties sister. And Bertha was related to Thomas Titus's wife who was a Ten Broeck. Got all that? HAHAHAH

  3. James you need to make a big set of family trees. Seeing all this on paper is the only way I will ever keep track of things.

    Sometimes finding nothing is actually significant. I think. *G*