Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Snow Squalls and Cold Feet

I gave up today. It was cold again, and windy again, and frankly, I just couldn't face being outside for any length of time.

I sang at the 8:30 church service and again at the 10:30 service, getting cold feet early on as the heat was just barely starting to get the church warm. I did make a good judgement call at not going to the sunrise service outdoors, where, apparently, it was only 29 f and everyone was freezing.

Once I get cold, I really have a hard time getting warm again. I did go to lunch with a friend from choir after church. As we were finishing up, it started to snow. Nothing much but enough to accent the reluctant arrival of Spring.

Did I tell you my Easter outfit was pink? I did bring a splash of color to the cloudy world, but I would have been just as happy in my gray winter slacks and a snug sweater. We were kidding at church that pink furry bunny slippers would have been the perfect footwear. That would have felt good.

I don't think The Boys mind having the day off. They are really enjoying the new hay and the little sprouts of grass starting to grow. Temps are supposed to moderate a bit this coming week--of course I will be back at school, but it's not so bad when it doesn't really get dark until 8PM or so.

Why is it that whenever I have a vacation I end up with more things to do at the end of it than I ever planned to do at the beginning? I still need a load of hay from next door, I have a trailer load of fence rails waiting, my clothes still need sorting, and have just barely finished clearing the stack of mail I've been accumulating.

Then again, maybe my perception of vacation needs to change and I really do need to do it as a vacation rather than a "catch up on the chores" week.


  1. the trouble with holidays at home, of course .... i've got the same! and am knackered, and go back to work tomorrow (tuesday) with a full day of conferences with clients ...

  2. Chores week that's a great way to say it!