Thursday, April 12, 2007

Need I Say It?

Rain and No Ride

Leave it at that. I stayed home again today as I had not yet fully recovered by the time I needed to leave for school.

I'd slept badly--awakened by wrong number phone call at 2:30 AM-- and still had some residual symptoms.

And, it was raining. Pouring, in fact.

Though it cleared up by afternoon, the ring was really wet, and I opted out since I had a doctor's appointment for my metabolic testing.

So there.

Choir rehearsal tonight, so I am done in for the day.

Kelly will likely come over tomorrow to school her dressage tests, so that will get me going. Saturday's weather may be OK, but Sunday and Monday, the storm is supposed to blow in.

Still haven't managed to get the hay from next door. Incredible. The hay is probably about 1500 feet away, and I haven't gotten a load yet. I sure won't do it in the rain, either.

He is not there on the weekends. Let's see...Tuesday???


  1. More bad weather coming Jean and my daughter has her vocal recital Sunday at 2pm at Wilson Hall Monmouth University, your welcome to come and see if your free. Bring someone along if you like it's free and cultural!


  2. activities for wet days ....i dunno, they make me so depressed i don't do anything!!!

    oh, and i was right when i worked out where i thought you were - spot on, in fact!

    what's that big pond thing?

  3. The big pond thing is the Dallenbach Sand Company's former sand mine. It is now a big hole in the ground filled with water. However, it is gradually reverting to a more natural lake and is actually quite pretty.

    If you are GoogleEarthing me, if you zoom in on the row of houses across from the lake, you will see the pasture behind my Aunt's and neighbor's house (my house is just west of them and you can see my riding ring in back) In the pasture are three little "kidney bean" shapes which, I think are my Boys, PJ, Toby, and Tucker.

  4. yes, i think those are your three ... there was me thinking google earth did up to date pictures!

    looks like good hacking territory (apart from teh ATM's).

    my area is all fuzzy on google earth (harbour house, plawsworth is where the horse is), will have to take some photos of the places i keep talking about! but my previous yard is a model of clarity