Saturday, April 14, 2007

Humpty Dumpty

Had a Great Fall

So, I'll start out with the end of the day.

Every time you think things are going well, Fate puts in a reminder. This time it was Chance instead of Fate. I rode him last, just a bit of ring schooling thinking that perhaps today would be the day to try a few strides of canter. I never even made it all the way around the ring at the trot. He took a bad step, tripped, and literally fell down to his knees and beyond. I went flying off landing on my right shoulder, ribs, and, I heard my helmet hit dirt. (One more reason to always ride with a safety helmet.) Knocked the wind right out of me, and boy, did it hurt.

Poor little Chance got back up just fine. I still don't know how far down he went, but he trotted off, a little way then turned to look at me, as did Toby and Tucker in the paddock. Took me a while to get back up. But, I managed, and also managed to get back on and finish the ride.

By the by, horseman's rule. If you go off, you always, if you can, get back on.

I am gonna be sore. I don't think anything is broken, but I'd wager the chiropractor is going to have a field day. I almost called them for an emergency adjustment tonight, but I think I will wait to see how it goes. Right now, aspirin, ice, and ouchy....

OK, the day started on a good note. Kelly came over and we worked for well over an hour and a half on her dressage tests. She is a complete novice at it, so I had to teach her how to ride a 20m circle, how to ride to the markers, and how to put a test together. She did a great job, and her horse is lovely. We do have to conquer a few things. As a hunter/jumper rider, she doesn't really sit into the saddle. As well, her leg needs to be longer and more under her body. And, the big one--she needs to ride her horse in a snaffle as the pelham she is using is not a legal dressage bit. All, in all, though, she will do fine, as her horse has a huge gait and really is obedient.

After Kelly left, I decided to fix the fence along the ring. I quickly gave up trying to take out the old posts that were broken off nearly and ground level. Instead, I decided to dig new holes next to them as there was room and the rails had enough length to fit. The ground was great and I had one post set quickly. I'd taken my bright orange jacket off, as it was getting a bit warm, and when I finished I needed to go inside for a drink and a bit of lunch.

I went back out a bit later to do the second post. All was well until Chance decided to visit, saw my jacket, picked it up and made off with it. I have discovered that it takes less than a minute for a horse to rip both sleeves off a quilted jacket. Amazing demolition potential. I now either have a new vest or a lot of sewing to do.

I finished the fence, sort of, as I still have one broken post and one post that really does need to be fully reset.

That left the riding. I schooled Tucker for about 40 minutes ending up with training level tests 1 and 2 just to see how they rode. He was good but a little silly now and then about the new fence area, but in general, his work was good and he was nice and forward.

I rode Toby in the ring to do training level test 2 and then went out on the trail for a nice quiet hack.

And then, I finished up with Chance. I've already told that story, so, 'nough said.



  1. oh jean, that will have hurt! but at least you were in the arena so a softer landing that might otherwise have been the case! and i expect a trip to the tack store for a new hat, as well as the chiropractor? expensive, these falls!

    Hopefully, though, Chance will have learnt something - to watch where he's going and to pick his feet up!!!!

  2. Ouch ouch ouch. I hope a good hot bath sorts things out Jean. I'm feeling for you.


  3. If you need anything..You call ME!

  4. I am hoping the same thing won't happen to me. The last time I fell off, well, was bucked off I was lucky and really didn't get hurt. I hope that you will experience a quick recovery. The weather there must be terrible so it's not good riding weather anyway, right? I heard from my sister in Maine that things are a mess up there.

  5. jean, how are you?