Thursday, April 05, 2007


Just Couldn't Face It

Too cold for April and a nasty, erratic wind kept me in most of the day.

(Of course, now as I post, the wind has died down at a last and it's kind of nice out there...but I have to go to church soon to sing for the Holy Thursday service. No time left to do anything besides take the laundry out of the dryer, eat some dinner, take a shower and head off for rehearsal before the service.)

I'd put the heavier sheets back on the Boys last night and I'm glad I did. It was off and on cloudy or sunny all day--pessimist or optimist? The wind was nasty. When the sun was out, it felt great out of the wind, but in the wind--winter.

I totally wimped out. For some reason, I just couldn't get warm.

My big adventure was going to the post office to send off Claire's riding tights. Then I hit the supermarket on the way home to get some carrots and apples...and other stuff I probably didn't really need. I also stopped at the auto store to get some bolts to put the license plate on the trailer.

Came home to discover that the bolts and the plate didn't fit the bracket set for it on the trailer. Bummer. I can wire the plate in place for now, but it definitely needs a better mounting than that. I'll need to call on Bill again. He already said he'd change the hitch coupler for me, so this will just be an added job. Once I get that load of hay, I'll take the trailer over to him and let him at it.

Ah, yes. The hay. Tomorrow. The Boys are guzzling up the new hay despite the fact that there are shoots of grass around. I guess buying a different kind has pleased them. This is a second cutting hay, so it's very soft and probably quite nice to chew, so they love it. Better, I guess, to have them clean up what I give them than have spoiled hay lying all over.

Meantime, aside from a load of wash, I haven't made much dent in the clothes piles. I am determined but still trying to steel myself. What is it about clothes that make us want to keep them even if we don't wear them?

Meant to tell the tale from my ride on Tucker the other day. As we headed for the lake, some creature bounded across the trail in front of us. It was of a fair size, but not as big as a deer, and it ran rather than bounded. I would have thought a fox, but I think it was too big and a brownish gray--most of our foxes are red. So, now I am wondering if it was a coyote? I know we have some around here as I saw the police stopped by a dead on on the road last year. My other option would be very big raccoon, but I didn't see a striped tale and it was even too large for that. Not big enough to be a bear and the wrong color for the kind we might have here. At any rate, Tucker saw it too, so I am not crazy, but whatever it was, once it passed into the deeper woods, he didn't care about it. Wouldn't it be cool if it was a bobcat?? But I think one of them would leap more than run.

So, the mystery animal is a mystery. Gotta love the woods. It continues to fascinate.

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  1. what is is about clothes - is we're old enoughto know that what once was, will be again! i was stunned to see, going through a local store the other day, that those horrid smock things are all the rage again. i remember them when i was 16 and they didn't do a lot for me (not that i would admit that then LOL). my ma still has some of her 1940's & 50's dresses which still get the occasional outing ... so that probably puts your clothes pile into context. and i still have a rather nice three ply wood pillar box red polo neck sweater i had for games at school, and i still wear it for horsing in the winter .... wonderfully warm