Monday, April 09, 2007


This is Not a Riding Post....Again!!

The weather was calmer. Still a bit chilly, but it would have been nice to ride.

Laser therapy on my knees right after school, so no go there.

But, when I was carrying hay to the Boys this morning, I pulled something in my back, enough to make me literally gasp. I thought it would go away, but as the day when on more little things kept going wrong, including my neck.

So, after the laser, I came home, fed the herd, and then headed out to the chiropractor for a much needed adjustment. No sense in trying to ride after that or before, because all it would do is aggravate the muscle.

So, this is another non-riding post.

However, the neat thing is that it has a horsey twist! The phone rang a little bit ago and it was Kelly, the young lady from the next road over who has been coming to dressage lessons with me. She wants to try to compete in the dressage classes at the 4-H qualifying show on April 22 and asked if I could help her learn how to ride a dressage test.

Neato! I love to coach. Say whatever you will about how my tests go in the arena as far as strange occurances, I have always been spot on with technical aspects of riding the movements in the right shapes and places. I also know a lot of little tricks and techniques to make a test look really nice--when the horse goes well. Kelly will be doing Training 1 and 2, which are really lovely tests for a beginner (walk/trot/canter, with 20 m circles), and I can really give her some good lessons.

She will be riding over here on Friday after school. Since I just got my copy of the Digital Horse computer program, I can print up nice copies of the tests and figure out all the little elements myself beforehand. Once I have the two tests memorized in my brain, the sessions with Kelly will be even better.

And, this may be the boost I need to get on and do some serious schooling as I will probably ride the tests on Tucker and Toby just so I have the feel for the figures and the transitions. Might even try a bit with Chance, doing a pretend canter as we are not quite up to steering at that gait and.....I haven't even tried to canter him yet. (He has a really nice one on the lunge, though. )

So...coolo! Neato! Niftyo! Something horsey to look forward to.

As well, the Chris gang and I are meeting at the stable where we take lessons to have a nice little dinner--I am bringing the wine--to see what the best schedule is for Chris to come down to teach. It is such a nice group of friends and it will be great to get together.

Looks like super week shaping up here! Things to look forward to! Yea!


  1. less hard work and more holiday, yes? i can't believe you're still having to supplement with hay, in april, to that extent!

  2. Oh, absolutely. I will feed hay all summer. I don't have enough pasture to keep three horses fat.

    And, my grass is not as lush as yours. I think your soil is very alkaline which grass likes. (Limestone and all that.) Here I have acid soil. I will need to lime, fertilize and reseed.

    And, what grass there is is just barely starting to grow again.