Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Is Getting Old

What Shoed I Do?

My Boys are due for the farrier. Now the puzzlement begins. What do I do?

Chance is barefoot, so there's no problem there. Toby and Tucker have shoes. They do not have ice studs on them yet, nor do they have snow pads.

We know Tucker cannot go barefoot. That was how he ended up being lame for most of the spring last year. But if I put snow pads on him, will the shoes stay on? The extra bulk of pads can make the shoes less secure. Rim pads might be an option, if my farrier does them.  We definitely need the ice studs.

And Toby. Do I take the chance of trying him barefoot?  He has had shoes for 18 years and aside from one problem with a crack and an abscess, has been totally foot sound for all that time. Do I dare risk barefoot to save some money and make him more secure in the snow/ice?

The only factor left is what the weather will do.  Apparently, according to the long range forecast, we are not likely to get any warmer weather or get rid of the constant repeating snow "events" at least through February.  Of course, that could be wrong too.  If we go from snow to mud, then the pads pose an even bigger problem as far as keeping shoes on goes.

I'm pretty sure I'll bite the bullet as far as both big Boys are concerned and go for the pads.  Even if I am not riding, it makes it a lot easier for them to get around.

Then again, if past practice has any merit, then as soon as I get them shod for the snow, it will all melt.  I used to call the "snowshoes" snow insurance. It always seemed that as soon as I decided to get them done, the weather would moderate.

AHA! That's the answer.

I've put in a call to Scott.  I need to know when he wants to come so I can plow the area around the barn for him to park.  If my usual luck holds out, once he gets the Boys done, Spring will arrive.

Perfect. I should have thought of this back in November.


  1. Well according to your logic I'd ask you to please get the "snowshoes" so we can all enjoy some warmer temps and no more snow. Thanks Jean, I'll be counting on you to help us out!

  2. If I had only known it were that simple to get rid of winter! *L*

    I do the same thing, I over-prepare for every "event", because I just know that guarantees nothing will happen. Or, at the very least I'm well prepared!

    Here's hoping for a speedy end to this dismal mess of a winter!

  3. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Dawn's in shoes with borium spots on the toes and heels, with full snow pads - there's one horse at our barn with rim pads and they seem to trap the snow very badly. Pie is barefoot and I don't think will ever need shoes.

  4. 18 years with shoes is a long time.

    You could try it, but keep in mind he's going to be very sensitive and sore while his hoof expands and starts returning to the "natural" shape and while it hardens. I'm sure you remember me talking about Amber's troubles - I'm almost sure it was the feet in hindsight, especially since the vet said she was 100% sound and didn't have any sign of previous injuries.

    I'm pro-barefoot, if the horse in question does well barefoot. I'd try it if I were you and just watch him.