Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Another Winter Day

Tractor Man Was Here

The tractor repair guy came in the morning. Once more, he was quite ready to just replace the hose that was leaking.  He seemed quite puzzled that one hose after another has failed, but somehow it makes sense to me. I insisted that he replace all the hoses instead of doing one at a time every time I had a new leak.

Look at it this way. All the hoses were the original ones that came with the tractor. One at a time they seem to be springing leaks. My suspicions is that as a whole they functioned fine in their weakened state until the first one was replaced. That put a kind of uneven burden on the hoses left, so the next weakest one went, and so forth. They were all on the brink of failing, so no point in waiting.

Anyhow, since the boss back at the garage had already agreed to it, tractor man decided to do as I asked. What he did was take off all the hoses and then went back to the shop to fabricate replacements. Then he came back and installed them.

Here, I hope, ends the saga of the leaking tractor.

For your entertainment, pictures of horses in the snow. Not too novel this year, I'm afraid, and they are directly off the camera, so I've made no adjustments in color or lighting.
The Boys in the paddock
Chance thinking of going out into the arena.
Toby and Tucker discussing something, but Toby disagrees.
Toby looking a bit cheerier.
Tucker, thinking deep thoughts.
Tucker's slightly blurry head shot.
And Chance. Obviously, I haven't pulled manes in months. I figure the extra hair keeps their necks warm.

Any excuse is a good one.


  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    My manes are natural too - and Pie's will stay that way since he's a proper Western horse. Glad the tractor got fixed and thanks for the pictures!

  2. The hoses have all been exposed to the same effects of heat, cold, sun, dry etc. over the years. Of course they are all going to fail. Well done for insisting.

  3. I'd have to agree with your theory on the tractor hoses. Good that they finally got replaced. Crossed fingers for no more trouble with hoses.

    The boys look great. Ours haven't had their manes done for some time either, I'm sure it keeps their necks warmer. And it's too darn cold to stand around pulling them now.

  4. Your logic is undeniable!

    The pictures are great but it's the captions that are priceless!

    And, finally, I agree about the manes. With Tetley not used to the severe cold and being fully clipped I too decided to leave his mane to protect his neck somewhat.

  5. to watch horses interacting at liberty is the best TV series you can ever found. They are really funny animals.

    My mare has a short mane, she is fully body-clipped, but I use a neck rug ^-^

  6. of course you're right about the tractor hoses, stands to reason if one has rotted the rest have the same lifespan!

    and right about manes as well....