Saturday, January 15, 2011

Will Six Be Enough?

Quickie Update

Will six extra winter blankets be enough?

The back end of Tucker's blanket--the new one--was shredded when I went out to feed this morning. I put a new one on him. So, that's three for Tucker.  I still have four new blankets left.

Guess I have to do the math. Will that be enough to keep him covered for the rest of the winter?

Maybe a picture later. *sigh*

By the way, I still suspect a certain Chance of this destruction, but I haven't caught him in the act yet. Then again, maybe Toby isn't so innocent either.  The only thing I'm pretty sure of is that it's not Tucker doing it to himself. He'd have a pretty hard time reaching around to his buns to make a rip like that...then again.

I think you guys are right. I need a "nanny cam" out there. *lol*


  1. I never had that problem. But then I am a "girls" owner. Mine have never done it. But at my yard, it seems that the stallions and geldings have a blast of tearing apart each others rugs, they are not even in the same paddock O_O

    No wonder yours do it turned out together!!!

  2. The never ending saga of "how in the heck did you get your blanket trashed back there"? I know who the culprits in my barn are...Sammi and Grady who can't stop playing most of the day. One time I saw Sami pull Grady's blanket off to the side and down, what surprised me more was that Grady turned around and with his teeth pulled it up and righted it on his back. I wouldn't believe this story if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

    I try to turn them out without blankets as much as possible.

  3. So what will you do when you catch the culprit?

  4. Muzzle the lot of them!