Thursday, January 06, 2011

Not Gonna Happen

Still Sick, Ick

I am still sick today. This time I've been coughing nearly all day. I had a cold before Christmas and it just keeps lingering. Now it's an annoying cough.

I took care of the Boys in the morning and cleaned stalls then, so when I go back out for dinner, the chores will be light. The hose was frozen again, so I carted some water to the trough by bucket. It's warmed up a bit during the day, so maybe I can use the hose this afternoon.

Either way, I want to get things pretty well set out there as a snowfall is coming in again for tomorrow.  Unless we fall into the band of "heavy snow" we are only supposed to get perhaps three inches. More an annoyance than a mess, this time. But still, it's snow and what we had from the last storm is not yet completely gone.

My arena is largely snow covered. As noted yesterday, I thought perhaps I might ride Chance a little, but with the coughing and general lack of energy that seems to go along with it, that's not going to happen.

Meanwhile. when I went out this morning, I found one of the leg straps on Tucker's brand new blanket ripped out at the main attachment point.  I ended up tying the strap to the back surcingle, although I'm not sure it will still be tied there when I go out to feed. It was a stop gap repair until I figure out something better.  It was pretty darn cold out there this morning so I didn't feel like doing too much more with the blanket strap.

At this rate, Tucker will be going through my blanket surplus before the winter is over! So far the other two Boys are still on blanket #1.

On the good side, my knee is feeling a lot better. I guess I did just overdo in the first snow. As well, I put a pair of ice grippers on my barn shoes.  These little sets of spikes are a lifesaver when the footing is slippery. The ones I have just slip over the toe of the shoe, but there are some more expensive ones that spike both the heel and toes of boots and shoes.

EBay has a quite a few pairs on sale now if anyone is interested. I didn't see the kind I have but I ordered two pair just last week.  I like the looks of some of the others and have had a different kind as well.  More than once I am sure they saved me from a fall.

I can remember going to school one icy morning. When I got there the principal had assigned custodians to escort the teachers into the building. They'd tried to clear the parking lot ,but ended up with an icy mess.  I had my grippers on my shoes, and actually ended up keeping my escort from falling on the way into the school.  I always made sure I had a pair in the car to toss into my school bag just in case.

And, of course, more times than I can count, they have come in handy when I'm taking care of the horses. If you live where there is ice and snow, they are a wise investment.


  1. we're planning on getting some of those grippers - there's some over here called yacktrax, which look ok, and some american ones i came across, a good investment we think ready for next time (which we hope there's not, of course!)

    sorry to hear you're still under the weather - lots of lemsips (or whatever the US equivalent is!)

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Feel better - those lingering coughs can be a real nuisance.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I hate those lingering coughs.

    I spent the day getting ready, too. Hopefully that means the snow will pass me by. *G*

  4. We've all got those ice grippers for our shoes. Since I'm like Bambi on ice they're a real lifesaver/butt saver for me.

    The cough sounds like it's not going away. My niece had the same thing and it turned into an infection that required antibiotics. Maybe you should go to the doctor and see if somethings brewing. Feel better.

  5. Perish the thought of all that chilly stuff!

  6. I wonder if it's Tucker that's altering the rugs. There might be a helper out there :-)

    I am thinking you should go to the doctor too, not that you are so sick but to find out what it is - could be asthma, ( a friend of mine - 56 years old just developed it and the main symptom was a cough as it is for my youngest son). Might also be sinus...

  7. I hope you will get better soon. Just keep inisde warm, but watch out not to spend too many $$$ on EBay ^-^