Monday, January 03, 2011

Under the Weather

And Over the Snow

I wasn't feeling 100% today. Not sure why, but I just kind of lay around most of the day.  It was still cold and the ground still covered with snow, so I suppose there wasn't much to do outside anyhow.

However, I am amazed at how fast the snow cover is melting. The piles I plowed up that were at least five feet tall are now around three feet and in many places the bare ground is starting to show through.  I am debating about plowing out the area where Scott, my farrier, needs to back in. If I do, I am going to have to be very careful so that I don't dig up the lawn into mud in the process.

Mother Nature is being wise with this storm, I think. A gradual thaw over many days keeps things from getting too soggy and from flooding. The ice in my driveway is essentially gone and the path to the barn is now completely bare.

The Boys are still contending with snow in the paddocks, arena, and pasture, but now it's inches deep in most places rather than feet deep.

I'd be happy if it all melted and I didn't see any more for the rest of the winter--but that is pretty unlikely.

In other barn news, I seem to have a new stray cat.  I've only seen it twice now--over the last two days.  Both times it was in the barn aisle. It looks awfully small.  If it's a kitten, I am going to be doubly upset.  People seem to think farms are good places to toss out unwanted cats. That's how I got Patchadoodle, Barney, Butch, Cassandra, Clancy, and Mommycat over the years. I really can't take another cat into the house this time, though, so if this is a kitten, I'll have to figure something else out.

There is a lot of shelter available for an outdoor/barn cat. That's what Mommycat's role is as she wanted no part of indoors. And there was another stray living in the garage, but I'm not sure he's still around.  I'm not keen about outdoor cats due to the dangers of the road, but I will do my best to see that the little furfaces get plenty of cat food and can always find a snug place to sleep.

Guess we'll just see what happens. I put a dish of food out in the barn and the horse's blankets are in a pile, so for now, any cat will do just fine.

It just makes me so angry to think that someone probably just dumped the little guy off to fend for him/herself.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I've been fighting some sort of bug too, although it's not too bad. People just dumping animals (and not spaying/neutering in the first place) really steams me - one of our barn kitties - Night - was a "donation", and the other (Bob) was the result of an "unplanned" litter. All of our home kitties - 4 at present - were also the result of human negligence. I'm glad you furfaces have a place to be.

  2. me too on the bug thing! Not sure what has gotten hold of me but fighting it on and off since mid-December. time to up the vitamin C!

    Glad you are taking care of all those kitties.

  3. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope it doesn't last long, whatever it is.

    Sounds like the thaw is going well too. Wish I could say the same here. Our temps are staying below freezing so it's still way to icy to get horses out.

    When we first moved here, we were always finding stray cats dumped off. I makes me so mad. We've not adopted as many of them as you, the coyotes seem to get them even though we try to protect them.

  4. What else is new - people not taking an animals best interest into account.

    I am just plain tired from the intense activity of Christmas and also many days in a row of riding. Time for a break. I think it's just fine to lie around a day here and there. Just look at all the naps your cats take. We always think (and I am the most guilty) that we need to be productive all our waking hours. So do, take a break!

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  6. Hope you feel better soon and can get out to do things again.

    Our snow is melting the same way but it's starting to get muddy and sloppy around here.

    We don't have a problem with cats, although we have a feral cat that comes and hunts in the indoor, the barn and around the house and fends for himself. We do put out some food for him, I don't know whether the foxes or crows eat it or he gets it though. I'm hoping your kitty is just lost and will find it's way home soon.