Saturday, January 08, 2011


Woke Up With a Fever

Whatever bug I have is not user friendly, that's for sure. This morning I had a definite fever.  Not high, but fever.

Of course it's the weekend, so the doctor's office is closed. I am not so sick that I need emergency treatment, so unless things change, I'll wait until Monday.  If it's a virus, there is nothing anyone can do anyhow. If it's bacterial, then, of course, antibiotics can help clear it up.

I had  flu shot earlier in the season, so it shouldn't be that, but you never know.

So far aspirin and decongestants are helping just fine and all I'm doing it lying around looking at the light snowfall.

Feeding the Boys this morning was a bit daunting, but I managed OK.  At some point, I need to get some alfalfa cubes before the next storm on Tuesday or Wednesday. If I'm feeling like this, I can go get them tomorrow. It's not a long drive and I don't have to unload them from the truck when I get home unless I want to.

Apparently the snow we are having today may about to a couple inches although it looks more like just a trace here. Then, in the middle of next week, another storm arrives with the potential for another mess. Then again, we could luck out and it could as they say, "wobble" off course and leave use alone.

One can only hope.

I'm not exactly in shape to do a lot of shoveling right now. *sigh*


  1. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. Try and rest and just do the minimum for now, hope you shake this bug soon.

  2. Ick, that sounds like no fun. A low fever isn't a bad thing, though. Your body is "cleaning house".

    We seem to be getting a bit more of the icky white stuff down here.

    Rest up and feel better soon!

  3. lots of rest and lemsips ....

  4. I've noticed a lot of people coming down with aches, coughs, etc. this last week or two. I hope you just have something mundane. It's no fun to have to do outdoor chores in the cold when you are already under the weather. Feel better.

  5. There's man flu in my house! Help!

    I wonder if you have a secondary sinus infection left from your week or so old cold. Lots of fluids! Lots of rest!

  6. Sending healing vibes from over the pond.

    But really Jean, would it not be the time to think of getting some help for the outdoor chores.
    We have already mentioned it before. I am sure the boys will still love you even if you do not do all the poo-picking, feeding, tractoring etc ...