Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leaky Tractor

Once Again

My farmer friend borrowed the tractor to clear out his father's driveway today.  When I'd put it away yesterday, I thought I saw some fluid leaking out of one of the hose areas.

Sure enough, when he came back, he confirmed my suspicions. There was indeed another fluid leak.

Now, I've had the tractor repair truck out here three times for leaking hoses, and I did suggest that maybe we should just go ahead and replace all the hoses since one was leaking. They are the original hoses on the tractor and like most things, when one starts to go bad, you have to get suspicious.

Well, that never exactly happened. The repair guys never brought enough hose or fittings on the truck.

Fourth time pays for all.  Tomorrow morning, the first repair guy will be here around 8 AM with, I hope, enough hose and fittings to replace everything that hasn't been replaced yet. I HOPE!!  When I called the repair shop this afternoon, the manager agreed that would be the best thing to do.  (Of course, I suggested that two repairs ago...even on the first repair. But I was

I am ever hopeful that this last trip will end the saga of leaking hoses. That tractor is fantastic for moving snow and in some ways even better than the truck with a plow.  There is no cab, so I am exposed to the weather when I do plow, but that's not a big deal if I dress well.  There doesn't seem to be a cab made for that model, but it's OK.  I always figured if I did decide I wanted one, I could probably have something designed at the school.

Not much else to report. I THINK the medication is helping my respiratory thing get better, but I'm still not totally cured. I've stayed inside as much as possible and have to admit that last night I had one of the first refreshing sleeps I've had in a while.

Maybe my tractor and I will be fixed at the same time.


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hope you continue to feel better, and get the dratted tractor fixed at last!

  2. That's annoying. Hope you get it fixed before the next snow. Glad you're feeling a little better. With some more rest you'll be yourself in no time.

  3. That's an idea - maybe you need all new hoses and fittings too :-) (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

  4. Men!!!
    Sometimes I think that there should be PhD on male psychology or male psychology courses at school for young girls ...

    It has to be THEIR idea ...

    Hope you get better and better Big ((((hugs))))